Island Tidings 1/2020

  • The Fourth Ascension

    The fourth and last Ascension of Early Access round has arrived. No realm has yet reached the last island of Panselon. Orbs needed to activate Ascension Gate is a whopping 150.000. Next time, we will reach for Eternal Light - our new endgame full of mystery and secrecy!

    Realm Statistics

    Leading Realm

    yvEF94r.png?1 Congratulations to Realm Murx, still in the lead with an Ark Power of 2.4 M.

    Runners-Up Realms

    8DyYnXx.png?1TITANS currently on the second place with an Ark Power of 2.06 M.

    8DyYnXx.png?1SquareRoot is on the third place with 2.03 M Ark Power.

    Ascending Stars from Tragonos

    aNBBE2O.png?1 Murx - 144k Orbs

    aNBBE2O.png?1 The Hell Valley - 64k Orbs

    aNBBE2O.png?1 Sting - 56k Orbs

    Player Statistics

    Congratulations to Jhartulion#II who is the new champion holding the highest amount of Experience Points

    ...but how long will Jhartulion be able to hold this position?

    Leading players in other categories

    xixKoLh.png?1 @Rock - Population 5.1k

    trNCCFA.png?1 Jhartulion#II - Kills 1.54 M

    8DyYnXx.png?1 Grimaldus#II - War Potential 26.6k

    Community Corner

    Hot topics from Discord...

    During the holiday season, much of the community discussion happened outside the forum. To find the popular topics of the last two weeks, have a look here. In the thread Arkheim in 2020 we have three very interesting topics: Truce, Catch-up mechanics and requirements for Ascension, Snowballing effects and Rewards from PvP action.

    Have a great 2020 and a great weekend!

    Your Arkheim Team