Island Tidings 3/2019

  • The Third Ascension

    Behold! The new Island Tidings are here! The third Ascension has started and the first realms have moved to the lands of Tragonos. How's the weather over there? Remember to grab enough warm clothes and watch your back out there, there seems to be a low risk for avalanches.

    Realm Statistics

    Leading Realm

    yvEF94r.png?1 Congratulations to Realm Murx, still in the lead with an Ark Power of 1.199k.

    Runners-Up Realms

    8DyYnXx.png?1TITANS currently on the second place with an Ark Power of 1.178k.

    8DyYnXx.png?1SquareRoot is on the third place with 1.043k Ark Power.

    Ascending Stars from Cornicula

    aNBBE2O.png?1 Middle Earth- 50.587 Orbs

    aNBBE2O.png?1 The Hell Valley - 45.961 Orbs

    aNBBE2O.png?1 Eglirus - 44.450 Orbs

    Player Statistics

    Congratulations to Twelve#II who is the new champion holding the highest amount of Experience Points

    ...but how long will Twelve#II be able to hold this position?

    Leading players in other categories

    xixKoLh.png?1 Rock - Population 3.563

    trNCCFA.png?1Soarta - Kills 617.105

    8DyYnXx.png?1Ravendell - War Potential 13.679

    Community Corner

    Best Pvp - PvE Ratio

    What is the perfect amount of action between players and environment? Join discussion here.

    How will the new Endgame play?

    Ravendell#II started a thread to learn more about the upcoming new Endgame. Join the thread here.

    First batch of POW Cards is ready

    Have you already seen the first batch of POW Cards from Path of the Warlord event? If not, tap here.

    Happy Holidays dear Ascendants!

    Your Arkheim Team