Path Of the Warlord (POW)

  • Path of the Warlord (POW in short)

    Who are the Warlords?

    True Realm Masters know the deepest secrets of their Warlords. Who are they? What are their ambitions and quirks?

    You, Dear Ascendants, are invited to all new POW Card Event. Your task is to add a touch of personality to any of the Warlords you want, by filling a small table with details: War Cry, Likes, Dislikes, Aim in Life and Background Trivia. The Arkheim Team will pick some of the best submissions and transform them into cards like the one you see below.


    1. Select a Warlord or Warlords whose secrets you wish to share (no limit to how many POW Cards you can fill)
    2. Feel free to fill the table found from the next post in this thread (copy/paste or quote)
    3. Add the face of the Warlord and the Name from the game (must be the original name. Do not come up with your own names)
    4. Submit your answer(s) together with your Player Name by Sunday, 15th of December, 22:00 UTC


    • The Arkheim Jury will give to the best entry 250 Sapphires.
    • 2 Runners-up will receive 100 Sapphires each.
    • Community-chosen winners: In addition, the 2 authors who receive the most Likes by the community will also get 100 Sapphires each.


    Here You can see a sketch of how your cards might look like.
    Be careful not to go over the text limitations in the card.

    When submitting your Warlord details, you give us your permission to use these details in a POW Card, and a permission to share the POW Card on any of our channels.

    We may make changes to your text where necessary.

    Yes, your card might make it to our official Facebook page!

    Don't forget to mention your player name so we can add it to the POW Card!

    Tap the spoilers below for Warlord images:

    Here you can find all Warlord names and details, even for the locked ones: Warlord Table of Elves and Dwarfs

    Be creative and have lots of fun! Fun might be just the thing we are looking for!

    Your Arkheim Team

  • Feel free to copy this table to use in your post.


    "Insert War Cry Here"
    Likes Insert likes here
    Dislikes Insert dislikes here
    Aim in life Tell about the Warlord's Aim in life
    Background Trivia Share here what others should know about the background of the Warlord
    Creator Your Player Name

    Infantry CHAAAAAARGE!!!
    Likes Likes infantry and orbs
    Dislikes Dislikes cavalry and artillery
    Aim in life Wants to gather as much orbs as possible to leave for the future generations
    Background Trivia Vortex was a poor elf boy who was bullied when he was a child, determined to change his fate he went on a magical journey and became a warlord.
    Creator Tomkys


    "It's safe as a noursery!"
    Likes Silver and Gold
    Dislikes Traps, Guards, Laws and Order
    Aim in life Being the richest dwarf in Arkheim
    Background Trivia Darrak is a former assassin, he joined the ranks of the army to achieve power and wealth. Watch your
    Creator Mario
  • UkNbBLQ.png

    "Wait! My tea is ready."
    Likes Linden Tea, her favorite daggertooth Maple
    Dislikes Hurrying
    Aim in life Live long enough to see an end to this ceaseless war. Everyone has long forgotten the initial reason, so why bother? She would be much happier just drinking tea and playing with her pets. In fact, every time she is called into a battle, she first steeps a hot cup of linden brew and proceeds only after finishing it, with grace.
    Background Trivia She has been a trainer for daggetoothes (daggerteeth?..) and hunchbacks since she was but a child, as on her 200th birthday her parents gifted her Maple - a 450-kilogram beast with fangs longer than Cerullean's arm.
    Creator Morfal

    PS: cavalry warlord with such a slow speed asks for some lore explanation :)

    PPS: her kind lives thousands of years, so 200 is truly nothing for elves

    PPPS: could you please specify text length limits in symbols? I might need to shorten the aim in life section.


    Tonight I spice my mead with goblin blood!
    Likes Crushing goblin skulls with my hammer, drinking mead, singing dwarfen songs ("gold, gold, gold, gold"), counting gold, eating bacon
    Dislikes Elves, women without beards (they just look like elves), water (for drinking, bathing or swimming purposes)
    Aim in life Collecting enough goblin skulls to build a throne with them (too bad, these things crush so easily)
    Background Trivia Grew up as the second son in his family. While his older brother enherited his parents belongings, Hammerskull made himself a name as famous warrior and infamous singer.
    Creator Kareem
  • GbWjhQU.png
    "..." - He won't make a sound, he just stares at his enemies thinking they're a nice portion of pudding.
    Likes He has a profund love for a mixture of mead and bread pudding.
    Dislikes People who talk to much, who stare at his face and things that stick to his mace.
    Aim in life Get his own citadel with a private pool full of mead.
    Background Trivia Nothing much is known about Sleekcheeks because he is always silent, only nodding yes or no. Legend says they found an infant at the bottom of a mead barrel, the only thing that lured him out was a bowl of bread pudding.
    Creator Peloponius

    "Who droped his hammer on my toe ?!!"
    Likes Anything heavy enough to smash an elf head. Any alcohol strong enough to defeat other dwarves in drinking games. Little poneys.
    Dislikes Bed's pole, as hammer it deals a lot of pain when hurted by the toe.
    Aim in life Being a king ? Naah, too much responsabilites. Being a craftman ? Naah, way too boring. Travel, make war, inspire fear and admiration, to be a legend !
    Background Trivia Raised by bears in some of the darkest place of Arkheim, he have been living along dwarves just to compete with them. After he defeated the army of Aphaca just by himself, more and more came by his side to dominate the battlefields, including dwarves, demons, and dragons. Is it tavern gossips ? We will never know, unless you ask Maklaven himself, but be ready to be smashed !
    Creator Anthrax

    "Make Elves Great Again! (MEGA)"
    Likes ELF News channel. Fiber.
    Dislikes Elves who are overly flamboyant. Anything Kardashian related.
    Aim in life Domination of Dwarf race through application of sufficient force. A comfortable retirement.
    Background Trivia Enjoys playing the Elvish stock market in his spare time. Bets heavily on wood futures. Drives a VW but tells others that he’s just waiting for the Porsche he ordered to come in. Pointy eared kids aren’t coming over anytime soon so hasn’t cleaned the pond in a month.
    Creator Thulevik
  • WARLORD: Staunchbraid

    WAR CRY: Get your muddy boots off the coffee table!

    LIKES Long walks to goblin towers, moonlit fort raids, the pitter-patter of goblin hordes fleeing before her, garden gnomes and camp fires.
    DISLIKES The male chauvinistic hierarchy of the dwarven military that prevents more females without beards from becoming warlords, people who don't use the Oxford comma, those little feathers that poke out of your pillow at night, Mondays, and cold coffee.
    Aim in life To have a ballad of her conquests sung by Hjalmar Grendrum, the great bard, at the Beard & Beers pub for the Durin's Day festival.
    Background Trivia Has written 42 letters to Hjalmar Grendrum with no reply, don't judge - she is the president of his fan club. Has 14 younger brothers and joined the army to get away from their whining. Enjoys cross-stitching elven swear words on small decorative throw pillows as Yule gifts.
    Creator Sirona
  • Thank you everyone for participating! Not an easy job to pick the top 3, some might say almost impossible!

    But, winners we must pick!

    1st place and the winner of 250 Sapphires: Sleekcheeks by Peloponius#II

    2nd placea nd the winner of 100 Sapphires: Hammerskull by Kareem#II

    3rd place and the winner of 100 Sapphires: Cerulean by Morfal#II

    Community Favorites

    Hammerskull by Kareem#II and Staunchbraid by Sirona#II

    Both are the winners of 100 Sapphires

    Now then, would you like to see some of the POW Cards?