Island Tidings 1/2019

  • The first Ascension

    Welcome Ascenders to read the very first number of Island Tidings! The first Ascension was right on schedule, and the first realms have moved to more bountiful lands of Cornicula. Here, no tower is safe and PvP action begins! Thank you for joining us in Early Access!

    Realm Statistics

    Congratulations to realm FnF for being the first realm with Ark Power above 20k!.
    Ark Power is the Power a Realm accumulated by holding Orbs, defeating Goblin Barricades and working together to grow their Realm.

    Special Mentions from Cornicula

    yvEF94r.png?1 Murx has Ark Power of 15.831

    8DyYnXx.png?1 Dreca has War Potential of 1866

    Ascending Stars from Noumenia

    aNBBE2O.png?1 TITANS - 1297 Orbs

    aNBBE2O.png?1 Eglirus - 1259 Orbs

    aNBBE2O.png?1 Abrenao - 1179 Orbs

    Player Statistics

    Congratulations to Perturbo#II for holding the highest amount of Experience Points
    ...but how long will Pertubo be able to hold the position?

    Leading players in other categories

    xixKoLh.png?1  DarioR - Population 587

    trNCCFA.png?1 Perturbo#II - Kills 20.994

    8DyYnXx.png?1  DarioR - War Potential 288

    Community Corner

    Have you introduced yourself yet to the other Ascendants? Q&A - Introductions are in order

    Before Early Access there were two rounds of Closed Beta. If you wish to know the statistics from the last round, have a look here: End of the Closed Beta II - Who knows, you might find some familiar names there.

    Contest Time! Our very first contest has just started and runs for the weekend! Join here: Elven Strategy Board

    Have a great weekend!

    Your Arkheim Team