The end of this game round and what's next!

  • Dear Ascendants,

    nine weeks are almost over and we hope you are still enjoying the ongoing battles for eternal light. As a reminder: To win this beta round, a Realm will have to hold the most Orbs on the highest island at the end of the server. The server will officially end on Monday, 14.10.2019, 14:00 CEST and you will be able to follow the ranking on the world map overview. Get ready for the final battles over this last week!

    Good luck!

    We also want to use this opportunity to once again thank you for participating and providing your feedback. You all were incredibly helpful - thanks to you, we have a much better understanding of the game in general and Ascension in specific – its perks, its flaws, and everything in between. Thank you very much for playing – we hope you enjoyed the test round as much as we did!

    But what's next?!

    You already saw some improvements throughout this game round. However, some adjustments and changes are difficult to implement while maintaining an ongoing game world, which is why we will take a small break to focus on these changes. We are planning to start the next game round in roughly one month, most likely around the <b>18th of November</b>. This gives us the time to fully concentrate on the necessary improvements while you can recover from the intense battles and regroup for the next round!

    Watch your e-mail inbox for an invitation and join Discord channel and Facebook page where we will provide updates – the team is looking forward to seeing you fight for Ascension once more!

    Right now, however, we wish you all the best of luck and lots of fun in the remaining week. May the best Realm win! Y

    our Arkheim Team

  • I had an e mail with thanks for playing message, and it mentions pre register for next round. I wonder if we need to pre register if we are already registered on this last server ..

    Could you take a screenshot of the email? The one that was sent to me did not have a mention of pre-registration at all.

    We will share more information in the coming weeks, the closer we get to the start of the next round.