Inactive and autokicking

  • I think autokicking from realm is not good idea. There are many reasons, why the player skip few days in the game. And find out that you've lost everything when you back - it's very very upset.

    I had my own realm with max level of everything inside realm, 10k+ orbs and I was playing silence on my island, but today I opened the game and saw that I habe nothing now and because I was alone in the realm I don't have chance to back there.

    And this is a second time. First time I was kicked from realm and I'm back but I lost time and forts and so on.

    If the player is inactive, let's the realm decides to kick him out.

    If the player is alone, let he plays to the end of the round if he wants so.

    I know, it's team oriented game and alone player can't win and so on. But it's too heavy just take everything without any good reason.

  • Thank you for a great topic!

    I shared a link to this thread in Discord ( as well.

    The autokick feature is there to protect those realms with more passive/inactive players.

    Should the autokick activate only once the realm is full with no space for new realm members? Or should there be something else in place to ensure the realms will have active players who can still have a day or two off? A timer the leader could set to 24, 48, 72 hours?

  • With the limited number of players (and forts) i think auto-kicking is excellent way for smaller (or even bigger) realms to keep advancing.

    imho there should be ability for leader to chose time (like you said on discord). This way most leader will have option to have active players in their realm and to remove ones that are slacking behind.