Closed Beta II Update 01.10.2019

  • Hello everyone!

    On 01.10.2019, at 11:00 UTC+2, we will roll out an update that includes some surprises and our answers to your feedback and wishes here on forum and in Discord! Thank you very much for all the valuable comments so far and keep them coming!

    • World Map: Improved the visuals of the islands on the world map view

    • Map View: Improved visitor mode of other islands - you can now see the troop movements of islands you do not inhabit

    • Realms: Leaders can now create announcements on a new board visible only for realm members and members get notified for new posts

    • Realms: Leaders now have the right to delete pins of other realm members

    • Realms: New option for votes & pins - you can create a custom vote / pin with your own text/meaning

    • Realms: Added realm statistics for donations and kills

    • Reports: Added more filters to improve visibility

    • Statistics: Global statistics are now filters by island level

    • Main UI: Added a notification in the main UI as soon as you unlock something new like e.g. a unit type or a new warlord

    • Balancing: Adjusted balancing for goblin forts. Decreased conquer time to 6 hours on island 2+, increased the :orb amount and adjusted the strength to it.

    • Several additional bugfixes and UI improvements

    Remember to clear cache and cookies, and if you notice anything unusual, please let us know.

    Hope you enjoy the next update,

    Your Arkheim Team