Sapphire lost

  • hello,

    i've reviced 3 email "SURVEY ARKHEIM"

    08.23.19 - 30.08.19 - 09.06.19 - I think it was because of the ideas i wrote in the forum (right?)

    the reward was 1.000 sapphire each but i didn't sow the email till it was too late.

    Unfortunatelly the registration email was a private (not work) one and i didn't sow it in time.

    Is there any possibility to get the Sapphires?

    Thanks Tom


  • Hi Ghed,

    the surveys are sent to all players each Friday, so the next one is coming up tomorrow.

    Older surveys are already closed so we can work with the results, there is unfortunately no way to do them and get the reward after the expiration date.

    Kind regards,

    p.s.: Thank you very much for sharing your ideas here in the Forum, that is really appreciated :)

  • Hi,

    we had a hiccup with the survey earlier. Please try to clear cache and cookies or use another browser or incognito mode to restart it and fill it out again, you should then be able to complete it and receive your Sapphires.

    We are sorry for the problems this caused and hope you still give us your Feedback!

    Kind regards