Balancing Update - 23.08.2019

  • Dear Ascendants,

    we watched as many of you arrived on Nea Selene, the second Island, and settled in quite comfortably there.

    In fact, it looks like after only half of the time to the next Ascension, many Realms already easily reach the requirements for the next Gate without much of a fight.

    Therefore, we decided to make some balancing adjustments to ramp up competition on the game world. With today’s update, we made the following changes:

    • The Orb requirements for the Ascension to Islands III-V were increased
    • The respawn timer for Goblin Forts was increased
    • The Orb amount in Goblin Forts was decreased for Islands II-V

    We will keep watching and are looking forward to your feedback about the changes!

    Kind regards

    your Arkheim team