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    Hello Everyone!

    From my personal experience I saw that Race decision isn't something really easy. I was really confused of being a Dwarf and an Elf. I finally decided to go with the Elf's, but now I really want to go back and change my choice.
    For that reason I think that can be quite good have a Race Change in the game.
    Of course that change should not be available always, but sort of during the first hours of game, so that the player can chose more wisely. The player can choose his starting race, and then level up until let's say, level 5. When he levels up, he receives a pop-up, asking him if he want's to try out the other race. Of course, he will lose some time, because the progress will be lost, but at least he would have tried both races.

    Of course feel free to share your support/criticism about this idea.
    Keep up the great work:*

  • Hello Traxalim,

    i think its a good idea to limit this to lets say level 5. You would have a first glance to the gfx style of a tribe but are not too invested yet. On the other side you only have a very limited view to a race and cannot really judge the different troop stats etc.. we would love to hear more opinions about this!



  • Hi Sarge,

    This does sound a good idea.

    Being able to swap races till level 5 gives you indeed enough time to have feel the tribute a little bit.

    Ofcourse you indeed only have a limited view/idea yet about the race but it should be enough to decide you want to continue exploring it or decide to swap.



  • How long does it take to get to lvl 5? A few hours? And what can you know about the race by this time? You most liekly fought only goblins. Other then seeing the graphics lvl is not enough and limiting it to a higher lvl is bad for other reasons (some mentioned here). I don't really see a point to it.