Forts and Realm Borders

  • How are borders determined and or adjusted when it comes to building forts of different realms?

    Realm A builds a fort and captures a supply point 10 minutes before the completion of Realm B's Fort

    Realm B builds fort is one block closer to the supply point than Realm A's Fort and pushes Realm A's border back and overtakes the contested supply point.


    SO it's not first come, first served as we just experienced - So what determines the border of a realm and how can one influence it?

  • Hi Madd.

    When you place a Fort or hover over it, you see its influence area. Within that influence area, the closer to the Fort, the more influence it geenrates. Influence areas can also overlap, thus giving even more influence over a certain coordinate.

    So generally speaking, the closer your Fort is to a Supply point and the more Forts you have influencing it, the stronger your claim. Your influence always gets compared to other Realm's influence, and thus, if they position their Forts better, they might take a Supply over.

    There is a more direct means to push another Realm back, too: starting from Island II, you can also try to conquer enemy Forts and either claim them for yourself or destroy them, to get rid of their influence.

    I hope that helps you!
    Kind regards,


  • I see that there is a strategy mode in the map, I belive it would be good to have some "red" areas where we can't build forts because of other forts or supplies. Besides I think it would be good to have a way to "freeze" other forts influence area in order to make it easier to plan. Also when pinning for "construct fort" we could have the 4 square area highlighted for others to see.