Add variety?

  • I would like to see more objects on the global map. In Trivian were oases with animals and this was interestingly. It would not be bad to add new objects here, except outposts. Any unique quest objects, caves with monsters and unique drop and well or something similar.

  • I'll explain why this applies to diversity. I just figured and realized that any buildings and structures on the Global map, and inside the castle - only two types. The first extract resources, produce troops second. There is no other functionality.

  • Hello Yarri,

    yes there is definitively the option to create more things on the map in the future. But for this version we wanted to keep the map as clean as possible to see if the core-loop is working and the fight for Orbs will be interesting. We are very curious about your feedback over the next weeks to this topic.



  • Good. Then I will. There are a few more suggestions.

    1 Hiring heroes. I think there should be more different heroes and-most importantly-they should not be free as they are now. Heroes must be hired for some resources and cost a lot, so the formation of a pool of heroes would need to be approached wisely.

    2 Availability and openness of information. Now I can hide the troops in the barracks and they will be invisible to the enemy, and that's good. But there's no way I can keep my development tree private. About what skills I swing, and what strategy I adhere to.

    And it's not very good in my opinion. While there is a closed beta, maybe it's not scary. But in the future, when players understand all the nuances of this game, how the battle and the logic of all the fighting - open information it will be a big minus in my opinion. You just can't keep a certain part of your strategy secret.

  • Hello Yarri,


    2 Availability and openness of information. Now I can hide the troops in the barracks and they will be invisible to the enemy, and that's good. But there's no way I can keep my development tree private. About what skills I swing, and what strategy I adhere to.

    that is a very interesting topic, because we discussed this also already internally. Both has Advantages/Disadvantages .. So it ould be good to hear more opinions if the Skill-Tree of a player should be visible to everyone or not.


    Another idea. Now on one thing Kingdom one capital. You can do as the development of the Kingdom the opportunity to build a second capital. Or something like that, to gather troops and other functions.

    We're currently thinking that you can conquer/create some "minor Arks" on specific locations where you can teleport your warlordsd to, so you can start your movement to your far away fortresses from there ... (for bigger realms later). Opinions about it?

    • Another suggestion is to make a button where you will see all the outposts list, without having to poke at each of them

    Did you already found the outpost view on the map ?

  • Definitely with magicians and sorcerers in the game would be much more fun. So there was an idea about ...


    The concept of magic

    So magic... First we need to build a new building-the tower of magic. It has 5 floors. Once you have built the 1st floor, you have to choose a school of magic. For example - the School of fire, School of water School of earth and air.

    Next, at random, you are given three spells on the first floor of your chosen school. You can change these spells if you are not satisfied with them (special scroll)

    In the formation of the army you can use the special slots, what spells your character will be create in battle. In addition, the heroes have a new indicator-manna. The amount of mana depends on how much and how much spell power you can use. Three spell slots means three rounds. The first slot is a spell that will be used in the first round, the second slot - in the second round, etc. Clicking on these slots, the player opens the book of magic where he chooses any of the available spells in this slot.

    Algorithm work magic in combat

    Magic is used first, before every round of. It looks like this-at the beginning of the round Hero 1 throws acceleration for infantry and gets + 2 initiatives for infantry in one round. Hero 2 spell "stoneskin" and receives, for example, immunity to poison for the duration of the battle

    Magic can be short-term (functioning one round of) and long (functioning throughout the battlefield). And also magic can be global, acting on the global map. Let's say it can be a boost of a farpost or a weakening of the attacking army.

    It is natural that at higher levels of the magic tower will open up more powerful spells require a large amount of manna.

    Therefore, for reading these spells will need heroes with a large value of available manna.

    This is a brief, General concept of magic as I see it)


    The types of spells can be completely different, well, let's say only some of them:

    Acceleration (General) (short - term) - + 3 initiatives to all troops in the first round.

    Plague (first slot) (long - term) - poisons the whole battle army in the first slot. A poisoned army loses 5% of its power in each round.

    The treatment (second slot) (short-term) Revives 20% of the troops in the second slot.

    Sandstorm - (short-term) all enemy long-range armies miss their turn in this round.

    The anti-magic (short) (total) Entire army of hero in this round cannot be exposed to negative magical vozdeistviem, also clears all negative effects imposed early.

    Resistance (Short, Character) In this round, the hero will not decrease morale, despite the loss of troops.

    Panic - the enemy loses 10 morale.

    Distraction (short - term, one army) - one random army will miss a turn in this round.

    Blinding (long-term, one army). Increases the chance of a miss by 50% until the end of the battle.

    Luck - (General, long-term) Receives an additional bonus of 50% efficiency, if the current efficiency has been leveled by the bonus of the enemy.

    Berserk - (short-term) (one slot) this army concentrates the force of the blow and puts it in one random slot of the enemy.

    Blessing - (long-term) (one slot) Total blessing (long-term the entire army) Adds chance +10% critical strike and adds + 10 forces.

    Swamp. (Global spell) - slows the attacking army by 20%

    Rainbow (global). Increases the production of Outpost 20%


    Ah and so on, various spells can be many.

  • If you want to change the school of magic, you can destroy the tower and build a new one (Although it will be long and expensive). Then, with the construction of a new tower level 1, you can choose another school. Also, sometimes in the dungeon you can get a scroll from another school of magic and use it once.

    Needless to say, in the presence of magic can appear and a number of new artifacts for the hero. Suppose-increases the amount of mana, or increases the spell by 50%, or has a chance to block the magical effects.

  • As for the openness of information. By clicking on the tower, I see not only that the lords are protecting it, but also detailed information about the composition and deployment of the force. Is it right, and so it should be ?

    I think it's too much. It is enough to show only the General power and a portrait of the Lord. To give detailed information about the composition of the troops is not true in my opinion.

    Alternatively, you can make the possibility of espionage or some magic, but give default the opportunity to watch part of the troops that was too much.

  • Hello Yarri,

    currently it is intended that you can see the full information about the defense of a tower and adapt your strategy to it as an attacker. We wanted to keep out the spy element out of this game, because we have the feeling, it just slows down the game-pacing unnecessary. (Always go in with spys first, wait until report and then attack). Especially because you still have a very high probability, that it will be different in the moment when you arrive. But we would like to hear more opinions on it...

    Regarding your magic concept. In Arkheim the Warlords Abilities should be a bit the "Magic" touch your trying to add. I have the feeling, in general you like the concept of the abilities of a warlord, but you would love to add extend & add more variety to it (and esp. not limit a warlord to only 1 ability). There are definitive some nice effect ideas in your list! Currently we are fearing a bit the additional complexity to extend the warlords with more configuration options.. but its definitive something always tempting to think about it. Maybe to share something out of our skipped idea pool: Warlords have an own xp / level progress and a set of abilities (3-4). Each level of a warlord gives you an ability point and increases the slot sizes of the warlord. with this ability point you can upgrade / unlock the specific abilities of this warlord. Xp for warlords are gained by fights with it.



  • Hello Sarge :)

    Certainly, the idea of a set of experience military leaders, and the discovery of new abilities, very interesting. It also occurred to me, but magic is also beautiful because it creates the right atmosphere in the game, so I wrote about it. ) In addition, there are more strategies for individual development. More opportunities to combine various schools of spells, with abilities of the hero and a pool of troops.

    But the ability to gain experience heroes, and the discovery of new abilities, is a great alternative, (аnd can in parallel the existing jointly???))) Looks cool. I vote Yes. ) Especially now that the characters seem very monotonous and dull. (And if you make it possible for the player to CHOOSE these new abilities, when you reach a new level, it will be even more interesting! )

    List spells (abilities), I will Supplement, perhaps that the from this list of can be useful.

    On the issue of openness of information, personally for me it is very bad. This is my opinion as a player and feedback for you. The possibility of cheating, misleading the enemy, sometimes bluffing-is an integral part of military strategy, and depriving players of this opportunity - provokes a feeling that something is missing. (my opinion) :)

  • By the way, if all the same what the options are, magic will be considered in the future, I would suggest another variant of the concept. This is a truncated version, he's certainly less interesting than a full-fledged Institute of magic, but even so. In this alternative, we don't need mana. We just add three new slots for the hero, which will be inserted scrolls with spells extracted in the dungeon.

    The numbers below the slots correspond to the round. Accordingly, in the first round, using a single scroll, and the second another, the third (if the fight continues) - the third.

    It's just a suggestion, but maybe something like that has the right to life in the future. Along with a set of experiences for heroes. )

  • Let's continue our madness )

    Let's talk about the towers. What if we made them interactive? Now we can improve the tower and it only affects the increase in the number of balls and the capacity of the warehouse balls.

    The proposal is to theoretically from any tower it was possible to build various objects. To do this, after reaching a certain level of improvement, we could choose in a special menu specialization tower.

    If you do not improve the tower, it will have only one function by default - territorial influence. But in the process of improving the tower can be transformed into a military Outpost (increasing protection and preventing the passage of enemy armies), generator balls (what is now), teleport (the ability to teleport once a day 1 army), or even the second capital (which can be built with the achievement of a certain level of the clan)

    Looks complicated? But how interesting!)))

  • Hey Yarri,

    regarding tower upgrades, thats in fact also something we were already thinking of.

    With each Fortress Level the fortress owner can choose to increase 1 of these 3 bonuses:

    1) Upgrade Orb production & Max Storage (like it is now)

    2) Upgrade Base Defense (a "fortress" warlord which fights before any defender with a small stack of artillery units - after he is defeated he needs to be repaired with a cooldown & some resources)

    3) Upgrade Outposts boosts (Adds an additional % boosts for all connected outposts of this fortress)

    Would it be interesting for you?