FAQ: Where do I find...

  • …the Citadel?

    The citadel is the main Building in your town. For dwarves, it is the Volcano, for Elves the gigantic tree. Click on the entrance at the bottom of the structure to open its window.

    …Lumber Yard, Crop Field and Iron Mine?

    The resource buildings are not part of the general building menu. You find the structures outside your town walls, at the bottom of your screen.

    …Supplies, the option to boost Supplies?

    Supplies are not in your town, but on the map. Look at the flat hexagon plates within your borders. Supplies freed from Goblins give your whole Realm additional resources or troops every 24 hours, independent from your own production. You can boost the supply if you click on it and use the arrow up.

    … the Foot of the Hare?

    This is a scroll that reduces building time. If you have a building in construction, click on the yellow speed-up arrows in the building queue, under the building or in the details window of the building. This will open a menu where you can find and use Foot of the Hare.

    … the option to donate?

    On the map you can click on a Fort and open its detail view with the eye symbol. If there is a blue donate-icon hovering above the Fort, that means a team member set a pin to alert you that a donation is needed there. You cannot click the pin itself to donate but have to click on the Fort object underneath. Later, you will also be able to donate to Supplies on the map to level them up.

    … an option to redistribute resources?

    You can find the Alchemist when you are lacking
    the resources to build or upgrade a building – click on the scale icon next to
    the build button. Another way to access it is in the troop building menu – open
    the Barracks, for example, and hit the scale icon. You can re-distribute the
    resources any way you want there, using a scroll or Sapphires.

  • … my troops?

    Click on the Warlord portrait on the left side to open the Warlord Overview. There you can find all troops currently not assigned to a Warlord and easily switch them back and forth via drag & drop.

    …different Warlords?

    You can change your Warlord any time as long as
    it is in your town. With increasing player level, you will unlock more options.
    Click on a Warlord portrait on the left side to open the Warlord Overview, then
    on the small pen-icon in the top right of the Warlord currently chosen.

  • Hi Murmillo!

    Once you freed a resource field, you can pick which resource you want to build there. The Lumber-Yard is pre-selected as the first picture, you need to click on the one you want to build at the top of the window.

    You can demolish the Lumber - Yards you accidentally built and pick a different resource, though.

    Kind regards