FAQ: Goblin Camp

  • How does the Goblin Camp respawn work?

    Once you beat a Goblin Camp, a timer will start after which it will re-appear in your town. The timer increases every time you clear the Camp.

    In addition, the Goblins get stronger and the Loot increases with each re-appearance.

    Loot will also increase over time if you don’t clear the Goblin Camp for a while, up to 24 hours.

    Why did the strength of the Goblins decrease?

    If you lose a fight against the Goblins, only the surviving Goblins will remain. Fights in your town will not be saved, so if you want to know if you won or lost, you have to check the report immediately.

    Why do the Resources in the camp vary?

    There are two more factors influencing the resources in the goblin camp:

    - Resources will increase over time if you DON’T clear the camp, for up to 24 hours

    - Your losses against the Goblins in the Camp will partially be transformed into additional resources as a small compensation.

  • How does goblin forts work? I remember a tip when I first entered in a goblin fort but I wish I could see that again (maybe a hint button on things that have that hint bubble). When someone is raiding and we attack the enemies heroes run and we get the orbs freely?

  • Yes, you can interfere and take over the Raid.

    If you manage to beat the enemy player that was raiding the Goblin Fort you will stay in the Fort and continue the raid, also taking over the timer. So at the moment it pays of to attack just before they would finish the Raid. Players of the same Realm can support each other.