The Ascension

  • Dear Ascendants,

    the heart of Arkheim is the fight for Ascension, and we want to know what you think about it!

    Your Realm is formed around a mystical portal called Ark, an old structure left behind by the Ancients, the first inhabitants of Arkheim. Under certain conditions, the Arks allow you to reach the flying Islands of Arkheim. Legend has it that on the highest Island the Ascension to Eternal Light awaits you…

    To fight your way to the top, you need to work together as a team. When the three moons of Arkheim align Gates to new Islands will open, one Island at a time. Once activated and freed from goblins, these Gates are skirmish points that every Realm will be able to claim – so make sure to come up with a strategy as these Gates will be fought over!

    After your Realm successfully ascended to the next higher Island, it is time to get set up again. You have a few hours after your jump to claim Forts around the new location of your Ark. Forts and Outposts will automatically have the max. level of the Island you came from. Orbs cannot be transported through the Gate, which means that you will have to start gathering them again, as these arcane relics are a crucial resource.

    You can find more details in the FAQ

    We are looking forward to hear your impressions and have some fruitful discussions!

    Good luck with your Ascension and path to Eternal Light!

    ~Your Arkheim team

  • My impression so far is that it is a nice game, which can develop well. However, it has many parallels to tentlan, which I am playing since quite a while. This way, some things are different, but the general idea is the very same as far as I can judge this on my second day. I will follow a little further in the hope to hopefully find some new exciting aspects not discovered yet.

  • Thank you for the feedback, Avalanche! Looking forward to hear more about your experience a bit further in, I hope you find some unique aspects to Arkheim.

    Mh100, the time till the second Island unlocks is 5 days (3 days left now), all following Islands unlock in a 2 week rythm.

  • Your town will be the same on all Islands, and you take Troops and Warlords with you.

    The Forts you will have to set new on each Island you reach. When you ascend to Island II, you can't play on Island I anymore, but you will have stronger Forts and Supplies on the map.