FAQ: Ascension

  • Why should my Realm ascend?

    When and if you ascend to the next Island is up to you, however, each Island has certain limitations, like a maximum level for Forts and Supplies as well as your Main Building. If you want to compete for the server win, you should try to be among the first to ascend each time a Gate unlocks – if you are less competitive, do it at your own pace and see how far you get!

    What do I need to ascend?

    The Gates unlock at a certain world age, which you can see in the Moon Calendar in the world map. Once unlocked, you need the required Realm level in order to attack and claim a Gate. Once you hold the Gate and have enough Orbs, the Ascension timer will start. Careful, though – it can be interrupted if another Realm attacks the gate.

    What happens during the Ascension timer?

    While you hold one or more gates, a 12h timer will count down for your Realm. While the Ascension is active, others can’t attack your Forts and Portals, however, they can attack your Gate to interrupt the timer. If it is interrupted, you have to re-claim a Gate and still own the required number of Orbs to continue the Ascension at the time you were interrupted. It doesn’t have to be the same gate.

    You will also be restricted from attacking player Forts and Portals yourself.

    Do I lose anything when I ascend?

    Your personal progress – town – troops, warlords – are all safe. Starting on a new Island means new neighbors and new territory, though, and the Realm will have to rebuild a bit. To aid with this, right after the ascension there are some Ruins around your Ark that you can claim and transform back to Forts instantly. Forts and Supplies start at the maximum level of the previous Island, so overall, you are always better off on the next Island.

    Your Orbs will be consumed and set to 0 as soon as you ascend.

    What is the difference between the Islands?

    Competition gets fiercer on each island, and the rules reflect that. While attacking other players is limited at first, conquering will be faster on each subsequent island. The number and level of Forts will increase. Portals (formerly Moongates) will unlock on the third Island to mix things up. And, of course, you will usually ascend at the same time as other Realms of similar strength, so watch out for your rivals, they might be placed right next to you!

  • What do the claimable Forts on the next map look like?
    They will appear in a circle around your new Ark and disappear after 9 hours. You should pick which ones to claim and expand your territory from there.

    What is the new Level of Forts and Supplies?
    Forts and Supplies start with the maximum possible level of the previous Island, no matter how far you upgraded your Forts and Supplies before.

    Will Island II also be split into several instances?
    No, everybody ascending will be placed on the same map starting from Island II.

  • Can I lose Orbs while ascending?
    The Orbs will only be deducted when the timer hits 0 and the Realm ascends, so normally you should keep all Orbs, even if you lose the Gate.

    However, on later Islands, there might be some rare cases in which attacks on your Forts were started before your Ascension timer started

    . Those will go through, and if undefended, reduce your Orbs. At the moment, that will not interrupt the Ascension, but should you lose your Gate as well and drop below the required Orbs, you will have to gain them back.

  • Will Goblins respawn on the Gate?

    The Gates are initially occupied by Goblins. If you beat them, your Realm holds the Gate. Other Realms can attack you there and “steal” it from you – in that case, they don’t have to fight Goblins, but your Warlords instead. If you hold the Gate for the full 12 hours and jump, it will return into Goblin hands and needs to be freed again if another Realm wants to use it.

  • How do you win in this game? Is it to be the first to ascend to the final island, or is there some other type of endgame?

    The last island will hold the toughest battle between the best realms. You will find the different categories in the 'Statistics' (realm and solo rankings).

    Realm ranking: Moonlight (which realm gathers the most exp), and then the other two: Orbs and Supplies.
    Solo ranking: Experience, Population, Kills.

    Try being the best solo player or part of the number 1 realm - or try to achieve a top spot in the other categories if you wish :)