FAQ: Login/Registration/Mobile

  • Can I/a friend still register for the Closed Beta?

    Yes, for a limited amount of time you can still sign up at http://www.arkheim.com. We will periodically send out more keys to players who registered late, so feel free to spread the word!

    I didn’t receive a Bet Key! / My Beta Key is invalid!
    First of all, please make sure you activated your e-mail address via the activation code that was sent to you. If you haven't done it before but activated now, you will get a key in one of the next waves we send out. If you still didn't receive a key, please contact a team member per private message with you e-mail address - we will sort it out.

    How do I get the mobile version?
    We have an Android and an iOS test version for you which can be accessed via the respective test programs. Open http://www.arkheim.com on your phone and log in with your existing account, then follow the instructions! If you need more help, please don't hesitate to ask!

    The loading bar is stuck at 60/90%, how can I get into the game?
    There are some things you can try out: First of all, simply close the browser and restart it, or even try a different browser. A second measure would be to check if your browser is 32 or 64 bits -> 32 bits might run out of memory, so upgrading to the 64 bit version helps in some cases.
    Sometimes, our shaders seem to be incompatible with a graphic card -> turn off hardware acceleration. We are looking into that problem. -> If the problem persists, please check if an error is written in the Javascript Console (ctrl + shift + J) and contact us with the result and your ingame name, so we can look into it.

    The game is reacting very slowly, is there anything I can do?
    Make sure you have the software acceleration turned on in your browser. In some cases, switching to a different browser might also help.

  • Hi Player_29!

    I don't know about any general problems with the game world. Do you have a screenshot for me?

    Which Browser are you using?

    For mobile, you should only log in at http://www.arkheim.com on your phone and try to start playing - then you should automatically receive instructions about how to get the app (android or iOS).

    There should be a link to a google Group (link: https://groups.google.com/foru…forum/arkheim-closed-beta ).

    You need to join this group:


    In this group you will find a post:

    There will be 2 more links:

    Those links will only work when you've joined of the group!

    Kind regards

  • The solution to the android problem is as follows:

    You have to join the google group FIRST, then list as tester.

    You might have to renounce being a tester and restart the process in the right order if you have trouble.

    If you see the error message "provided game world" when trying to log in, you have to log in via browser first and select the beta gameworld. Once you have done that, login on the mobile app should work.

  • Hello Blackver!

    Authentication error indicates a wrong password - were you maybe trying to login via google login? That would cause trouble, you have to use the same login methode as in the browser.

    Please check if that is the case and let me know!

    Kind regards

  • I get the error mentioned above. How can i fix this? This is when i try to log in using Firefox.

    I also have the app for Android. When i try to log in, I get the message "exists". Then nothing happens. What can I do about this?