Getting XP in Fight

  • I am sitting in a smaller Realm, and since beginning Winterfell is a small Realm.
    What i feel is , in every fight against attacking Realms , the strong Players getting very easy much more XP then the lower skilled player.
    This is because they kill much more .... sure ... and by killing lower skilled players they get better and better and the distance between the skill of the "better" Player grows extremly compared to the "weaker" player.

    WHY ?

    isnt it not a good idea , to get also XP when you loose troops ?

    XP is to gain xp in Fights , and sure the warlords have to get also XP by seeing there own troops fall.

    In fact i would say , the loosing Warlord in my Opinion have to get more XP then the winning one ..... or at least even.

    If you balance the game on this , the weaker player have then also more cance to claimb the skill.

    AND the strong players maybe think a bit more in loosing troops in small realms ;)

    What does other players think about this idea ?


  • Ziulix#II And why do you think that playing in a small Kingdom or having a small level, you should get as much experience as the players who play in the big Kingdom and which is more active? If you want to have a lot of achievements then you have to make an effort and make out of a small Kingdom, a big Kingdom, by developing that Kingdom economically or by conquering. You want to have the same performance as the players who are more active. This makes no sense, that is, if you do it, you will deprive the game of the main - the competitive element.