Improvement of fortress

  • Add the function to have a garrison in the Fort: his is a stationary army of three universal slots and only the owner of the Fort can fill them from reserves. As the level of the Fort increases, the number of such armies increases (for example, level 10 Fort can have 4 armies). These armies have bonuses from the account leveling tree.

    Also in each Fort can be equipped with a special bonus:
    barricades (minus 5 initiatives of the enemy)
    trenches (minus 10% enemy cavalry strength)
    bombarda (kills 2% of the enemy units per turn)
    and so forth…

    To improve each level of the Fort you need to donate resources and wait for its construction:

    1lvl – 6 hours

    2lvl – 1 hour

    3lvl – 2 hours

    10lvl – 11hours

    Depending on the level of the Fort increases the number of hit points required to capture:
    1lvl – 30hp

    5lvl – 70hp

    10lvl -120hp

    Depending on the level of the Fort, the same level can have posts:

    6lvl Fort - 6lvl max can have post