Alvorsted (S20) Patch Notes 05.05.2022

  • Patch Notes S20 (05.05.2022)

    Alvorsted (S20) brought exciting upgrades to the training aspects of the game.
    An iteration on the new map generation was introducedand plan to bring more changes to the endgame soon.

    Patch Summary
    - A new Realm Tournament replaces the current Training Grounds (S19 & S20)
    - Iteration on the new map generation with insight from S19 (S20)
    - Share the plan for additional changes to the endgame, waiting to be implemented
    (S19? & S20)

    Realm Tournament (S19 & S20)

    The game currently features the Training Grounds, a place where we wanted Realm members to come together and learn about the combat system in a friendly environment.
    In practice, we felt that the Training Grounds often lacks the desired engagement or leads to negative situations within the Realms.
    After discussions with the community, we are now introducing the Realm Tournament, hopefully giving the Training Grounds its deserved upgrade.
    Realms can initiate tournaments on their own schedule, to experience a friendly clash with Warlords from all over Arkheim.

    The shared goal of the tournament is to beat the strongest opponents you can, in order to earn the biggest rewards for you and your entire Realm.
    After players have fought for victory in the tournament, they can continue to train against the opposing Warlords as much as they wish until the next tournament.
    Based on the current state of the Training Grounds, we want to bring the Realm Tournament to Carby (S19) as well as the newly starting Alvorsted (S20).

    Key Features

    - Realms generate tournament points over time
    - Leaders can initiate one of multiple tournaments within the Realm
    - Tournaments host a variety of different matchups, inviting Warlord representative from all over Arkheim
    - Players have limited attempts to beat the strongest matchups they can
    - Players don’t lose units fighting at the tournament
    - Beating stronger matchups increases experience gains for your Warlords and helps your Realm claiming the highest rewards
    - After players use their attempts, they have the possibility to train against the matchups as often as they want until the next tournament starts

    Iteration on Map Generation (S20)

    With Carby (S19) we introduced a rework of the map generation & Realm spawning on Arkheim’s islands.
    We are glad to see the built up anticipation and are happy about the voices sharing their feedback within the community.
    While we already see a good part of our approach working rather well in the new system, the current round also already shows some limiting aspects, which we want to further iterate on.
    In a first step, we want to increase the size of the islands to relieve the pressure on Realms a bit and support competition around the center better.
    Increasing the amount of supplies in the center has made it significantly more attractive and, while in general we view this very positively, we felt it was a bit too strong currently.
    Therefore we are reducing the density of supplies in the center a bit and let it fall off more smoothly towards the outer areas.
    For the future we could see improving the system with more drastic layout changes, but we want to get further impressions from running Carby (S19) and a bigger sized Alvorsted (S20) first.

    Key Changes

    - Increased the size of maps
    - Increased the distance between Realms and the center of the map
    --> On Islands 2,3 and 4

    - Lower supply density in the center of the map
    - Increased portal restriction radius around important map objects
    --> 25 cells => 30 cells

    Planned Endgame Changes (S19? & S20)

    With Alvorsted (S18), we saw the reworked endgame for the second time and we plan to further improve on it based on the feedback we received.
    The defeat mechanic in particular was received in a very polarized way, leaving a lot of our players with mixed feelings.
    Weaker Realms especially can experience being wiped off the map very negatively, ending their game prematurely without meaningful chances to defend.

    We still want the endgame to provide a climactic finale to the war for orbs, which takes place during a round in Arkheim.
    But we want to improve the endgame further to keep it more consistent with the rules of the game before and provide an exciting conclusion of a world for all players.

    We would love to hear your opinion about the planned changes and will start more detailed discussions about them soon on our Discord.
    We will definitely want to apply this iteration on Alvorsted (S20) and would give our community the choice whether to apply the changes on running Carby (S19).

    Key Changes

    - Defeating Realms is removed from the game
    --> Replaced by regular forced relocation during the round

    - Players keep their tower slots in the endgame
    --> They can regularly build towers

    - Conquering is still possible without war
    - Players still need to claim ruins of conquered towers with one of their slots
    --> Realm towers will lose their status when claimed after conquering

    - Reset the Ark Energy cost for upgrading into Realm towers at the start of the endgame
    -->Possibly decrease cost scaling during the endgame

    - At endgame start, one tower per player is upgraded into a Realm tower, freeing one of their slots

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