A few dirty tactics

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    There was a lot of talk about the advantages of big kingdoms over small ones, but I have not yet seen a single topic about how we can use protective mechanisms for small kingdoms to bypass the system. Let's begin. About the endless building has been a lot of topics and messages, and like we promised to fix it. However, now you can successfully use this dirty tactic making it impossible to conquer you.


    Second dirty tactic. You can move to any half-dead Union, located next to any large Union with a large number of spheres.


    Then, it's very simple. Using virtually invulnerability, you can deliver a lot of trouble to their new neighbors. Starting from the night of the robbery and ending with the attempted demolition of their towers. The main thing here is that you will not be able to oppose anything, because you are invulnerable.

    The third tactic-improved the second. You can also go into a small Alliance and demolish most of their towers. Then you can Rob the spheres of other Alliances, and they cannot be returned, because you will not have towers. This tactic needs to be confirmed, it may not work, because it has not yet been tested, but theoretically it is possible.

    And of course, the list will be incomplete without mentioning the sharing of accounts. Our rich experience of using shared accounts allows us today to say with confidence that sometimes, such tactics gives an unreasonably large advantage. Therefore, the release of the game, the developers also need to come up with something in this direction.


    That's all. If you know more - add

  • Well, in our category there are new materials ) the Next dirty tactics is that you can destroy even those towers on which there are attacks. And this despite the recent update. How? It's simple - you expel from the Union of the player who owns these towers. Then you can take the other one to the place of the one you kicked out and alternate them. A kind of carousel.