War test server starts on September 19th 2022

  • We're glad to announce a special server, the war test server!

    Don't miss the chance to test the brand new War & Peace Concept!

    Can't wait for your feedback!

    The war test server will start on Monday, 19th September at 11:00 CEST.

    The server will be a 3x game speed server and 3.5x Moonphase speed (1st Moonphase = 2 days, 2nd Moonphase = 4 days and so on).

    Feel free to chat and spam about the test server in the new 💬│war-test channel and don't forget to share your precious feedback with devs in 🎯│war-and-peace and reports bug in the 🧰│bugs-war-test

    Happy speedy testing!

    Download the new War&Peace concept document we have shared on Discord:


  • Psyche

    Changed the title of the thread from “War test server start on September 19th 2022” to “War test server starts on September 19th 2022”.