Alvorsted (S22) Patch Notes - 21.07.2022

  • Dear Ascendants,

    On Thursday 21/07/2022 at 11:00 CEST, a new round of Alvorsted (S22) will start, bringing bigger balancing changes and usability improvements to the game!

    Patch Summary

    • Balancing changes (S22)
    • Fixing attack switching abuse with preparing missions (S21 & S22)
    • Bug Fixes for pins & mission selection (S21 & S22)

    We hope you like the changes and as usual, we are looking forward to reading your feedback!

    :!: All details below :!:

  • Balancing Changes (S22)

    With S21 we took a big re balancing of our Warlords to enable players more choices about how they compose their roster over the course of a round. Overall we are quite happy with how it plays out so far, but we have also seen some mismatches resulting from it.

    We want to do another set of smaller balancing adjustments to further improve the system for the future.

    Warlords & XP

    With the re balancing of the Warlords, we inherited our old experience system for Warlords.

    We have experienced now that it didn’t fit that well anymore with the new approach, and decided to take a look over the experience scaling for all Warlords, aiming for a more organic and meaningful growth of Warlords across all levels.

    Additionally we want to support this change with smaller tweaks to the Warlord skill tree and some Warlords.

    Buildings & Unlocks

    One of the biggest mismatches we saw with the Warlord re balancing was that some early Warlords were given artillery slots that could not yet be utilized at all in the first moon phase, especially by our fastest players.

    We felt not having these early Warlords would be very restricting for players that could not progress that fast and decided to make changes to the unlock order for buildings from the Citadel, so artillery units will be available in the first moon phase for players as an additional option.

  • Attack switching abuse with preparing missions (S21 & S22)

    For a very long time the game featured a mechanical interaction, which could be used to deny attack bonuses of attacking Warlords.

    You were able to set up delayed missions from a structure, which is being attacked, and avoid fighting against the incoming forces. After that you were able to cancel selected Warlords of this mission, which would in turn fight against the sieging Warlords with the attack bonus of their units active.

    We viewed this interaction as unhealthy to the game for quite some time, as it diminished the value of attack bonus units drastically in offence at basically no cost, and wanted to change key elements to get rid of it.

    • Cancelling Warlords from any mission will teleport them to their Realms Ark if their starting location is not safe to return to
    • A structure is not safe to return to if
    • It is being sieged (raid & conquer)
    • It switched ownership to another Realm
    • A confirmation popup for cancelling in those situations was added
    • Barricades can only be attacked from the Ark anymore

    Thank you for playing the game and sharing your feedback with us.

    See you soon on the battlefield!