• Dear ascendants!

    Let's celebrate the new Alvorsted round together with a new event !

    This week, you will have to solve a crossword in order to get a chance to win sapphires 💎

    Take a good look at the crossword, and read the clues carefully to solve this new riddle!

    Good luck!


    3. They are not pretty, but we do love them (especially crushing them)

    4. We do have one weekly, and players participate to get sapphires

    7. Provides a bonus to the Realm controlling it

    10. That's where you train your units to make them stronger


    1. You can built it, claim it, enhance it but also loose it when destroyed

    2. When it fails, be prepared for a war

    5. He is sexy and you know it (Dwarf Warlord)

    6. They won the last Alvorsted (S18) round

    8. Your realm needs to go through it to ascend

    9. You need them to battle in the Dungeon and for the Endgame

    How do I participate?

    • Use the clues to solve the Crossword.
    • Write your answer in this thread, or post an image of your solution.
    • The contest ends on Friday 13.05.2022, at 23:00 CEST
    • Winners will be announced on Saturday 14.05.2022.
    • All answers will stay hidden from the rest of the participants until the contest is over.

    What can I win?

    • The total prize budget is a whopping 3,000 Sapphires!
    • We will randomly pick 10 winners from amongst those who gave a correct answer, and each winner gets 300 Sapphires.
    • If we receive less than 10 correct answers, the prize budget is split between all correct answers. E.g. With 5 correct answers, each winner gets 600 Sapphires.

  • Dears players,

    First of all, thank you for your participation. We are very happy to see so many participants, so thank you very much! You will find below the name of the 10 winners.

    Congratulations to :











    Thank you all !

  • Ikas

    Closed the thread.