Update and bugfix 11.01.2022

  • Hello Ascendants,

    The following update will take place on Tuesday 11th of January, at 11:00 CET.

    Improvements on all servers:

    • Added a manual toggle to the resource & war bar at the top of the screen (browser only)
    • Added a diplomacy button to the Arks of other Realms
    • Added a Realm Details button to the radial menu on map objects of other Realms
    • Watch and Support missions can now be sent to owned Goblin Forts and Ascension Gates directly by the player

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed some layout issues on mobile
    • Fixed a problem where the quest guidance on mobile couldn’t be canceled anymore in some cases
    • Repositioned the report flag on Eternal Anvils
    • Fixed a broken translation and wrong links in the welcome back screen
    • Unlocked units are no longer greyed out in the training buildings
    • It is now possible to copy text from custom pins
    • Players that already have a Realm role can now also be picked in the leader vote dropdown menu
    • Items can no longer be unequipped on moving warlords
    • On speed servers, Academy building upgrades will no longer slow down ongoing unit upgrades

    Only on the playtest server:

    • Prepared the reworked endgame (have a look at this blog post for a full description: Developer Diary: Endgame Concept)
    • Endgame: Realm gets defeated if it doesn't own any map objects besides the Ark, including Towers, Goblin Forts, Anvils, and Portals.