Test New Endgame: Festival X3 Starts 27.12.2021

  • Festival X3 Playtest starts soon!

    Endgame: This server is all about gathering your feedback about the endgame!

    We would love to celebrate the holiday season with you and launch a triple-speed playtest server, on the 27th of December, 2021.

    Festival X3 is a playtest server with the goal of gathering endgame feedback. Unlike our regular servers, the playtest server offers limited services and cannot give you the same quality experience you've come to expect:

    • Festival X3 will not be promoted to new players. You will find familiar faces on the server, while we cannot guarantee any large-scale wars. That is up to you!
    • Sapphire store is closed, but we will fill your pockets with 5.000 Playtest Sapphires.
    • Bugs or other issues will not have the same priority as on our regular servers. Answers and help from our team can arrive slower.

    This playtest round will help us improve the next restarting server, Carby (S17), meaning:

    • Carby (S17) will start on the 20th of January 2022, after the test server round is finished. You can enjoy this speedy experience without the worry of missing the next server start.
    • Burwinmor skips its next round and will not restart before Carby.

    Patch Notes

    ❄️ Game World speed is tripled (X3), and this affects some of the game mechanics, for example, resource production. The Warlords will be traveling at double speed (X2). Enjoy discovering the rest of the mechanics impacted by speed on your own!

    ❄️ Endgame will follow the new Endgame Concept. Here are some of the main differences:

    • Eternal orbs will not offer an alternative winning condition but will instead be merged in the Orb ranking.
    • The endgame lasts for full two weeks and has a new main goal: Gather the most Orbs on your island until the very last minute.
    • Realms can be defeated: Secondary goal is to hold your ground for as long as you can without being defeated and "kicked out of the island", during the endgame.
    • After Orb ranking, Realms are ranked based on who survived the longest on the island. There is no 'relocation' during the endgame.
    • Visit Developer Diaries for a full list of endgame changes

    ❄️ Festival X3 schedule:

    • The world will start 27.12.2021, at 11:00 CET
    • 2nd Moon Phase starts 29.12.2021, at 11:00 CET
    • 3rd Moon Phase starts 02.01.2022, at 11:00 CET
    • 4th Moon Phase starts 08.01.2022, at 11:00 CET
    • Endgame starts 12.01.2022, at 11:00 CET
    • Game World ends 16.01.2022, at 11:00 CET
    • Carby (S17) restarts on 20.01.2022, at 11:00 CET

    We wish you a merry round on Festival X3 Playtest server! And thank you already for all the feedback you send our way!

    ❄️ Your Arkheim Team