Alvorsted (S16) Patch Notes

  • Dear Ascendants!

    Alvorsted will restart on the 6th of December, at 11:00 CET.

    You will find the patch notes below.

    Alvorsted (S16) only:

    • Rare supplies will already be available on island II

      Tower Enhancement rework
    • Towers that are no more than two levels below the maximum allowed level on the island can be enhanced with Soul Energy (Enhancement I)
    • Enhancement I works as before in increasing the tower radius by 2 fields, but now also provides double the influence strength
    • Added the new option Enhancement II if the tower already has Enhancement I and has reached the maximum level allowed on the island an island
    • Enhancement II changes the owner of the tower to the Realm, thus freeing a tower slot for the player who owned it before

    All servers:

    • Added two new Warlords, unlocking at player level 112: Aila (Dwarf) and Yinfir (Elf)
    • Introduced new Realm Roles that can be set by leaders
    • Improved tower construction mode to give a better preview of newly gained territory and supplies
    • Expanded the village background to allow zooming out further

    More Details can be found in our recent Dev Diary: Dev-Diary: Realm Roles, Realm-Towers, New Warlords

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