Chapter 4 - The Deal

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    Special event

    In this riddle, we are turning the tables, and you are on the side of the Priests...

    You are a prestigious Priest, patrolling with your followers the Sacred Halls (that disbelievers call "The Dungeon").

    At first, everything seems quiet and normal as always, and the only thing you see is the lifeless Fallen, obeying the will of the Priest's order, digging their way into even deeper corners of the Sacred Halls. But suddenly... You can hear voices and the sound of people running.

    And there you see them. Apparently, an intruder has dared to enter this holy place and used some kind of magic to revive and steal one of the Fallen! How is this even possible? Quickly - you must get them before they can escape!


    1. Look at the scenario below. It represents Azrheus' and Ephemera's position in the dungeon. They are in the same 'team', while the Priest/bishop and his followers are in the opposing team.
    2. Your task is to set Azrheus Check-Mate in 3 moves of the yellow team.
    3. Obstacles (Rubble, barricades, and bones)
      1. Obstacles are blocking the way and cannot be stepped on nor can they be passed.
      2. The knight can jump over the obstacle fields (he cannot step on them though).
      3. Obstacle fields protect Azrheus and other figures from each other, so as long as there is an obstacle between Azrheus and an enemy, it does not count as Check.
    4. Movement rules:
      1. Azrheus moves equivalent to a king.
      2. Ephemera moves equivalent to a queen.
      3. The Priest and his followers move as indicated in the graphic below.
      4. You can move only the figures of the Priest and his followers. Azrheus and Ephemera move automatically as indicated below:
        1. If Azrheus is in Check, he will automatically move out of Check (in your preferred direction).
        2. If an opposing figure is in Ephemera's reach, she will automatically attack and eliminate it.
          1. If more than one figure is in her reach simultaneously, she will always attack the figure closest to her.
        3. If none of the above applies, Azrheus and Ephemera don't move, and it is your turn again.
        4. Azrheus' and Ephemera's moves don't count towards your 3 moves.
    5. You (the yellow team) start.

    Submit your answer by posting all moves in the order they occur (including the moves of Azrheus and Ephemera). And give your in-game name and server where you play, if possible.


    1. C5 --> D7
    2. A7 --> D7
    3. ... and so on


    💎 Prizes 💎

    • 10 randomly selected participants with a correct answer will win.
    • Out of these 10 winners, one extremely lucky one is going to win our Grand prize: a T-shirt, string bag, lanyard, and a mousepad.
      • If you already won a merchandise pack previously, you cannot win another one. Instead, you can freely choose a friend who will receive the merchandise package, or turn this package into 6.000 Sapphires.
    • The other 9 winners will each receive 500 Sapphires on the accounts they named in their answer.
    • You have until Monday 29th of November, 2021, 23:59 CET.

    Your answer will not be visible to other players.

    The greatest of luck!

    Your Arkheim Team

  • 1)C5-B7(surrendering knight)

    2)A7-B7(Enemy move Queen takes knight)

    3)B1-B7(Rook takes Queen)

    4)E2-H5(Bishop check mate)

    Mikis S15

  • Hi,

    Moves will be like this:

    1. E2 -> E5;

    Bishop stepped closer to see, whether there's Azrheus hiding in some depths of a Sacred Halls, was able to understand and see the enemy, who devours this whole power of that living place around Priests.

    2. E8 - > E7;

    Azrheus since has seen eyes from Priests was able to hide before he was spotted on-sight, between the gates & walls of the room one of the Thousands Sacred Halls.

    3. C5 -> B7;

    Then Knight understood that he will need to jump over some fences that was befuddled before him, and did not interrupt of the Fallens peace in halls of The Dungeon, so he stepped over, and seen that he was before the Ephemera, with the knife before him.

    4. A7 -> B7;

    Ephemera had quite huge and thin knife in her hands, and able to make quick slash on Knights throat, and suddenly fastly flow of the liquid was coming down below the body of the Knight, and seeing like cannot speak or scream, Knight did not died in vain, as he understood the power of the Sacred, and that later on he will become Fallen, which could arrive in different shape & form before those challengers in The Dungeon.

    5. B1 -> B7.

    All there was left, on the darkest parts of The Dungeon - Rook, the Assasin, who slippery made fast movement into the straight throughout all the Rooms and Floors of the Sacred Halls, and as he seen in the front one of the intruders, the girl in the strange blouse, without specific mark on the hands - taken out the sheath Kukri Knife, forfeited to him from upcoming Teacher of him.

    And made single, fast, invincible move with both hands, and made a quick deal for the intruder, which was named "Ephemera", as he seen name written on the blouse behind, small letters. And since Assassin Rook, was man of faith - performed small move with hands, to remember Enemy, and made crest with hands.

    And had seen on the right hand the last intruder left all alone in the walls and between Gates of the Sacred Halls.

    Rook & Bishop able to surround the last intruder Azrheus, and also taken back the Fallen, who was revived, and able to return back for the forfeited place of the Dungeon.

    6. Check-Mate.

    Nick: 6HosT on Carby (S15)


  • Bacycor S15:

    1st possible solution

    1) Yellow B1-(B2;B3;B4;B5)

    2) Red Rule 4.2 A7-C5

    3) Yellow (B2;B3;B4;B5)-B7

    4) Red Rule 4.3 no moving

    5) Yellow E2-H5 Check-Mate

    2nd possible solution

    1) Yellow C5-B7

    2) Red Rule 4.2 A7-B7

    3) Yellow B1-B7

    4) Red Rule 4.3 no moving

    5)Yellow B1-B7

  • Knight to B7 -

    Ephemera to B7 - (Takes Knight)

    Rook to B7 - (Takes Ephemera)

    Azeheus does not move - (Conditions not met)

    Bishop to H5 - (Checks King)

    CHECK MATE - (Azeheus is taken)

    S13 - Steeb

    Edited 2 times, last by Steeb#II: Mistyped destination of Bishop Changed from H7 to H5 ().

  • Alright, let's try this:

    1. Bishop moves from E2 to H5.

    This puts Azrheus into check.

    Azrheus moves forward one block from E8 to E7.

    2. Knight moves from C5 to D3.

    Ephemera moves to D7.

    3. Knight moves from D3 to D5. Check Mate. 8|

  • I propose this :

    1. knight C5 => B7

    ephemera takes him : A7 => B7


    2 Rook: B1 => B7 and takes ephemera

    Azrheus don't move: no danger...


    3 Bishops E2 => H5 KING in CHECK

    and Mat by bishop and rook No other place to escape


    #S 13

    in the dungeon the night was peacefull, some light poorly lighted tried to make darkness fly awway. In the large thone room Azrheus was nearly asleep : he had drunk so much that it was difficult to keep eyes wide open!

    Ephemera however was on stand by, attentive to whatever sound or move. She felt that something or somebody even creeping horrors was by there! but the lights were so weak that she couldn't notice anything. Suddenly a knight in a golden armor appeared in front of her with threatening gestures. Instinctively she killed him with his magic blade !

    As he was dying, hids blood flowing on the flatstones , she realized she had been trapped. She was in the middle of the passage , in the full light ... At the same time she caught a rapid move on the left and a massive ennemy as tall as a tower , strong as a rock , hit her savagely and she did instantly...

    meanwhile AZrheus was quite asleep and was only dreaming . Suddenly he felt a thread on he left : the terrible bishop was pointing his weapon towards him! He had to move! but whe he merge of the throne room he saw on the right the terrible root soldier waiting for him. Dammned No way to escape ! He was MAT

    sorry for my very bad english...

  • 1) Knight to B7

    2) Ephemera to B7 - This takes the Knight

    3) Rook to B7 - This takes the Ephemera

    4) I don't move Azeheus

    5) Bishop to H5 This checks the King

    6) Check mate!

    Around since the very first CB round!
    Need help with anything? Feel free to ask!

    »» It's time for a new era

  • Yellow Team Knight C5 -> B7

    Red Team Ephemera A7 -> B7 captures Knight

    Yellow Team RooK B1 -> B7 captures Ephemera

    Yellow Team Bishop E2 -> H5 Checkmate!

    Tyr #11

    Server 15/ Carby

    Edited once, last by Tyr#II(11): Added Yellow Team and Red Team to the moves being made. ().

  • Thank you for joining the challenge!

    And a check-mate it is.

    Two solutions:

    Knight to B7

    Rook to B7

    Bishop to H5

    Rook to B5

    Rook to B7

    Bishop to H5

    Our lucky grand prize winner is:

    And players who will receive 500 Sapphires:

    Learn what happens next by joining the final chapter on the 8th of December!