Update and bugfix 29.11.2021

  • Hello Ascendants,

    The following update will take place on Monday 29th of November, at 11:00 CET

    Improvements and bug fixes

    • Added a toggle to show or hide recommended Quests in the main interface, to the settings for the mobile version
    • The volume of the ambient sound can now be controlled separately via the music slider
    • Goblin Fort ruins now show the construction time in days
    • The war progress icon will now only appear once any progress has been made in a war
    • Declaring War to a relocating Realm will no longer give tributes if the War doesn’t start
    • In the main interface, hovering over a red notification on the avatar will now show the correct notification in the tooltip
    • Switching back from strategy mode will now always show map objects correctly
    • Towers of a Realm that ascended eternally will no longer stay behind if they have an ongoing raid mission
    • The reflect ability will now trigger after the enemy damage is applied, avoiding an edge case where both Warlords could reach 0 Morale in the same attack
    • Fixed an overlap of name and fighting power preview on Ascension Gates
    • Fixed a display error showing wrong remaining days of tribute payment in some places
    • Adjusted the colour of the occupied Rare Supply marker
    • Corrected some texts and text layouts throughout the game