Update and bugfix 11.11.2021

  • Hello Ascendants,

    The following update will take place on Thursday 11th of November.

    Improvements and fixes:

    • Added new background sounds and a music volume setting to the game

    • New players will be asked for feedback during the tutorial

    • Added a new welcome text when entering the map for the first time

    • Fixed a broken text in the obstacle details window if the queue is full

    • Location names on the map no longer lose their curve

    • The world map rankings will now show all Realms

  • Hey guys,

    I'm not sure if this is the correct location for this, but I have a suggestion/request. Having played Arkheim on three international servers now, and having watched myself and my realm leaders juggle Google Translate as we navigate players with multiple languages, I wonder if there might be some way to integrate a translate (or at least an easier cut and paste) function into the chat window.

    In Carby, the realm I lead has members who speak 6 different languages. While English is the language of choice in our realm, there are times when we need to switch to German, French, Spanish, Turkish or Russian to get a point across. This involves switching to Discord or Google translate. At present, we can copy and paste out, but not back into the chat window, making the process balky and difficult. If we could translate in house, or if we could cut and paste in both directions, it would make the international server a lot easier.

    I LOVE being able to work and play with folks from all around the world, but if we could make communication smoother, that would be even better!

    Many of us arrived from Travian...thanks for many years of great gaming. We appreciate all you do!

  • Hey, thank you for playing with our Elves and Dwarves for so many rounds!

    Having a multinational Realm with 6 different languages does sound challenging for sure, especially if you need to copy/paste back and forth between different platforms.

    Edit: This is already possible - pasting back to the game does work, or at least should work on all platforms. In case there are issues and you cannot post your translated text to chat or as a new announcement, please reach out to game support and our team can take a better look at the issue.