Update and bugfix 26.10.2021

  • Hello Ascendants,

    The following update will take place on Tuesday 26th of October, at 11:00 CEST

    Feature Changes:

    • With the declaration of a war, the war potential of both Realms defines the modifier of XP and Soul Energy for the war chest. This modifier is now also taken for each individual fight between the two Realms during their war, instead of a modifier based on their current war potential.

      This change will take effect immediately after the patch, also for ongoing Wars:!:


    • Improved the warlord and object tooltips on the map regarding accessibility and information, e.g. showing all warlords in a scrollable list
    • Added the duration of each Moon Phase to the world map timeline
    • Automatically generated pins will now be highlighted in orange to differentiate from the blue/green player pins
    • Added an automatic pin for training grounds and adjusted its position
    • Masteries that have reached their maximum level will now be highlighted by a golden frame
    • Unified the appearance of On Watch icons throughout the game
    • Texts in the realm description, announcements, custom votes, system messages and custom Pins can now be copied and pasted elsewhere, e.g. a translation tool
    • Supplies will now show which players boost is currently active, if any
    • On mobile, it is now possible to open a send on mission window and another window next to each other
    • Warlords in use will now have their current total fighting strength displayed at the top of their card
    • Reduced size of map objects in preparation for a new feature in work

    Bug Fixes

    • In Endgame, conquered Goblin Forts now have the relocate button available
    • Corrected the frame for troops in upgrading on the Academy Building
    • Improved the endgame explanation text for better readability
    • Added a missing guidance to close the sidebar during the tutorial on mobile
    • In the map tooltips, Warlords will once again be sorted by strength
    • Solved an overlaying text problem for Warlords on Watch
    • The Ark relocation timer will no longer get stuck if the Realm loses control of the Goblin Fort
    • Fixed a display problem in NPC fights where the enemy warlord sometimes started a fight with 0 troops