Epic Arkheim stories

  • Hello everyone!

    Here is a collection of most epic stories players had earlier posted on Facebook. I decided to skip the RL names and just copy their stories.

    You are most welcome to add your own epic moments and war stories here as well!

    The most epic moment for me in Arkheim.. Had several but I think the most epic one was the last attack we made on S11 as Spartula to get the last orb.

    We started with a huge area that was our, towers everywhere.. and slowly but surely the enemies started to take tower by tower from us.. We calculated and calculated and determined we were going for 1 last big hit on the anvil. So we send all of our 120 WL towards it..

    And during the long walk, we saw our last towers taken from us. We ended up with only having 1 tower left.. It was an amazing sight, with on one hand feeling like we've lost everything and on the other hand winning the round!

    Probably when i started my own realm, just for fun and now we are top 20 most of the time. I know its just a start of the server but its still awesome.

    The most epic moment for me it’s the start of every new server with my realm, I met them randomly but it was love at first sight! We are together from server 6! Life and work separate us, sometime we lost somebody… but server after server our team is here.

    Definitely the moment I discovered the game 🤩

    The most epic moment for me happened in S9, when I was able to recruit experienced players for Intensity (PT Realm)and we were able to go from a 2nd place on island 2(S7) to a 3rd place on island 4 in S9.

    It was epic!😍

    Being able to learn and share experiences with older players in the game is always the best thing you can imagine.

    Most epic moment for me was winning 2nd server when all other serious realms already knew we are favorites and tried not allow it.

    It was epic when I went to camp for training. The first time I pressed, I waited 12 hours waiting for a workout alone. The second time there were two of us waited 24 hours) And only by some miracle when four of us gathered and we finally completed this quest. It was the most difficult and incomprehensible at first)😆

    The most Epic moment was on s9, when our realm had to deal with 4 enemy realms at once, in island 4 - having only one ally. Naturally, this means working on several counters, ultra-fast response, managing troops reserve avoiding depletion, and, most important of all: high activity. Making sure all 15 accounts are responsive and alert is a full-time job. All in all, there are just so many emotions throughout the game; and we can share and discuss all of it with other players via the official Discord. It feels good not making the game strictly avatar-related. With all of this, we can only conclude that the whole experience in Arkheim is epic if you are engaged enough; so much so that we can't stop playing. ❤

    Most epic moment for me was logging in the first time as a beta player and getting to experience the game developing now into its worldwide launch.

    My epic moment was in a war against a weaker opponent , that had an enough stash in one tower. We assumed they were weaker , so we launched an attack they cant defeat in 1 defend + 1 attack from their base. We were wrong , they sent 50+ lords to our towers , 1 lord to each. We were sure they wouldnt raise their other towers to disperse their stash , but they did ,😱Technically they would win if they would win if succeed in stealing from 6 of towers. I had all my lords on attack , and defeat was certain to me so i turned off game in shame , but somehow our leaders have managed to contact others players that could help defend 🤤 . I logged later with a mind of defeat , but it was our win. Lesson learned , dont underestimate your enemy or your friends 👍

    You know, this is quite easy.

    Eternal Glory and Eternal Light takes most of the effort. During start of the round - you are killing Goblins, defending Realm Towers and collecting Fallens. From each kill and erasing your arms.

    Then, these resources of Fallens are using to take Eternal Glory and destroy on Duka, or other gates which are closer to Realm - Demon Forces. Most epic moment is continues for 8 to 10 weeks. This is so easy.

    During these Ups and Downs, specifically, when everyone only starting and collecting forces to compete with anyone.
    This is most epic and challenging!🔥💪

    Sorry, had to rewrite my story, as the most epic moment came last night. After (too) long a night of playing, I finally sent troops on watch, turned to put the lights off and said good night to my spouse. Then it struck me: I looked at the eyes of a Horned whirlwind. Like two peas in a pod. Now how did you guys do that?

    Now that Alvorsted has launched and we leave the "early access" I would say it's only appropriate to share a story from the past, about the first server of early access, what we all simply call "S1". For new players it might be suprising to know the game actually had 5 islands back then, and the story I want to share comes from up there, from the top of i5 in the last weeks of the server.

    My realm back then was called Sting, we weren't a top realm, but we were ready to fight tooth and nails to climb as high as we could, we arrived late on i5, we were the 4th to land. The 3 top realms had already been on i5 for a while and one of them had already been annihilated by the eldritch horror that was Murx. The other top realm there was called the Soviet Union, and they were ready to make our life miserable, they had signed a NAP with Murx prior to our arrival and mobilized everything they had to squash us as soon as we landed. We of course knew of this but had no choice but grit our teeth and fight.

    As expected the moment our ark spawned on i5 we saw their towers filled with armies already at our door, the fight started as soon as our first towers were laid down. We had to spill blood for every square we expanded, luckily their ark and portals were quite far so we managed to create some room to breath.

    The following week was honestly insane, neither us nor them really slept during this war (context for the new players, the on-watch feature wasn't implemented yet so all warlrods had to be moved directly by each player at all times). At the beginning of it we also suffered a betrayal, one of our players turned out to be a spy! So we had to kick him from the realm and unfortunatly we couldn't replace him before endgame started so we had to fight as 14.

    Somehow we had managed to resist the first assault, but our troops reserves took a severe hit, so we had to switch tactic, using high tier units wasn't efficient, we could never produce enough so we started training low level defensive units in mass (sailstingers had a defense bonus back then, they were "a little" overpowered) and thanks to that we managed to refill enough to buy us more time. Time we used to grow our territory and consolidate our position, the soviets thought this was gonna be a quick stomp but we had managed to turn it into a full on war.

    We constantly sniped each others at night, trying to catch each other off guard, and after a while we finally managed to resist and push them back. They were big but that also meant it was easy to make them bleed, especially with night raids. Unfortunatly after some initial success it turned into a stalemate.

    Right before endgame started another realm managed to ascend to i5, they were friendly with us and joined the war on our side, pushing the soviets in a defensive position, but even with both of us we still couldn't find a way to finish the war (the new realm was too far to have a big impact, meaning it would have taken a long time before we could really push our number advantage).

    So we decided all together that enough was enough, both us and the russians were exhausted and tired of fighting, so the Summit was held. (I honestly wanted to give it a cool name but it didn't have one at the time and I can't think of a good name right now.) It was honestly a nightmare of a meeting due to the language barrier, since we didn't speak russian and most of their leaders's english wasn't very good. Luckily one of their leaders spoke english very well and acted as a translator for us. It was a painfully slow process, but we both wanted to end the conflict so we pushed through and agreed to peace.

    In that meeting we decided to give Soviet Union the second place (Murx had already eternally ascended while we mortals kept fighting each others), we probably could have kept fighting but honestly they deserved it and we were too tired to argue about it (xD). We gave our ally the third place and then ascended ourselves as 4th. And so was the end of Sting; the next server we merged our remaining members with a small raising realm called Silver Vales. And then another story began.

    So this is the story of the great Sting-Soviet war, I know I wrote maybe a little too much so thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it. In the end I still had to cut a lot of things but this was a 10 days conflict so it's kind of impossible to give it justice in this "few" words.