Chapter 1 - Azrheus & Ephemera

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    Chapter 1: "Azrheus & Ephemera"

    Special event

    As tradition goes, Ancients who bound their souls together shall depart on a journey together. The whole town gathers around the town gate to offer gifts, one at a time, to help the departing couples their journey.

    To show their sign of respect, the soul partners will offer something back to each villager before starting their journey together. The gifts can be absolutely anything under the three moons, and Azrheus and Ephemera will have to do with what they receive.

    Now it is your turn! You take a confident step towards Azrheus and Ephemera and offer your gift...

    📜 Rules 📜

    1. Comment below, once, what you will give to Azrheus and Ephemera for their journey. Give your answer by Sunday 17th of October.
    2. Write your in-game name (avatar name)
    3. Name an on-going game world where you wish to receive the prize (S12, S13, S14)

    💎 Prizes 💎

    • Azrheus and Ephemera will offer a gift in return, once the event is over. This gift is partly based on luck, and partly based on how much they enjoyed your present.
    • Grand prize: One villager will receive a T-shirt, string bag, lanyard and a mousepad. They must be very lucky on top of satisfying Azrheus and Ephemera with one of the greatest of gifts!
    • The other villagers have a chance of getting Spell tomes or Sapphires, also based on luck and how pleased Azrheus and Ephemera are with their presents.

    The greatest of luck to all villagers!

    Your Arkheim Team


  • Any adventure starts already prepared with the necessities. There would be no need for provisions or weaponry. Aye, I expect it's something simple that they would need. So we know Azrheus is a story teller, I think he'd appreciate a good bit of Pen and Parchment. Something that wont weather and fade. This way the stories can be passed on.

    [Pen and Parchment]



  • Adventures can be long, you know when you start but finishing is another story... I would give him a warm wool blanket, so he wouldn´t suffer the cold nights on his journey.

    [Wool Blanket]



  • As with all great writers, muses & storytellers there comes a time when new names are needed - I will offer a bag of letter-tiles, a random sample should provide endless new names.


    Scullion s12

  • Traveling the road as any form of creative storyteller, means gathering new material. Every experience having the potential to give birth to all new epic tales and stories. Yet things can become hectic, fast, and journeys long and exhausting. To Azhreus, I gift parchment, ink, quills and a waterproof scroll tube to protect his chronicled experiences. That way his adventures might live on, no matter what the perils of the wilds throw at him.




    Waterproof Scroll Tube

    Player name = Vall

  • S14. rysio

    A storyteller with a sack of stories, and in this sack you will not see the bottom, There are so many different stories in it. A gift for telling stories out of this world. I would give the wind a whirlwind - to catch the content of these stories and carry it there - where a group of people with curiosity awaits it. I would give the ray of the sun so that, together with my light, it would illuminate the imagination.

    S14. rysio

    Gawędziarz przedni z workiem opowieści, a w tym worku dna nie ujrzysz, Tyle się w nim mieści róznych opowieści. Dar za przekazywanie historii nie z tej ziemi. Podarował bym wiatru wir - by schwycił treść tych opowieści i zaniósł tam - gdzie czeka nań ludzi grono z ciekawością. Darował bym słońca promień by wraz ze światłem swym podświetlał wyobraźnię.

  • Road can be hard to travel by foot. My gift to them is horses for safer and easier travel and donkey for their luggage.

    [Horses and donkey]


    [S13 Alvorsted]

  • One must be prepared for the unexpected. I gift you this grindstone to repair your weapons, and this anthracite ring. This ring came from my great, great, great grandfather, a mighty dwarf. It is imbued with the fiery might of the mountain. Any who wear it increase their power, making an already fearsome warrior even more so in battle.


    [Ring of Power]

    [S13 Alvorsted]

  • Travel is one of the many ways that tale-spinners and skalds obtain the inspiration (and perhaps, the experiences) that serve as the basis for their tales, tall or otherwise. Azrheus and Ephemera, a taleweaver of immense fame and ability together with an Ancient, would surely have no need of protection or logistics through their travels in search of sights and experiences throughout Arkheim.
    Thus I would gift them a flute, that either could carry a melody to adorn the stories that would be crafted from their experiences together.

    [A flute]
    [S14 - Burwinmor]

  • I know your travel will perhaps be dangerous, perhaps with fun and surely sometimes you will have to be discreet and would go unnoticed, that is why I offer you, my dear friends, an invisibility cloak.

    It could be convenient to protect you from danger (men or beast, whatever dangerous you can meet during your journey) usefull too in order to approach somewhere or somebody without been noticed and listen easily all that is said and can be interesting to be written and reported later, but also that will protect you from severe weather (rain, cold, snow, wind, tempest or even or desert climate with lack of shade or water, great heat, simoun...).

    The last but not the least it is very light and can be folded like an handkerchief, to be hidden in your pocket. Don't miss it !

    [an invisibility cloak]


    [S13 Alvorsted]

  • io gli regalerei dei piccioni viaggiatori cosi da poter mandare via via i racconti, cosi che tutti possono seguire le avventure in tempo reale

    Shad s12

  • I take a confident step towards Azrheus and Ephemera and give them my big bottle of brown beans.
    You shouldn't go without food.. I give them a small note which says emercency food.

    [Brown beans]



    Around since the very first CB round!
    Need help with anything? Feel free to ask!

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  • For the journey I give them swords and armour,, made from the finest ore. For the roads are dangerous with brigands and thieves a plenty. A good sword and a nice bit of armour should make those untrustworthy think twice about stealing quill and paper.

    Swords & Armour

    Valhalla Comes