• seeing troops of opponents, going or coming back from an attack, pass near or max within the two / three coordinates around my fortress- where I have my troops in support-,

    I'ld want to see the exact time of this transit and to be able to intercept them!: so I propose to INTERCEPT from my fortress in the second exact transit ( like a Sniping in Travian ;) ), with a new Button available in my fortress

    ( the system obviously also calculates the preparation time + that of the arrival of the interception, as it already happens for other join attack or support).

    Of course every Warlord can be used ONLY ONCE for this action (alone or in combination with my other warlords), after this use each warlord will be automatically reported in the Ark.

    what do you think? I have a great imagination :D

  • All these new ideas are stimulating and I find them good.

    I must say , after so many weeks in game, that the game could be better balanced ( it isn't,now)!

    I'm sure you will agree with me that it's quite frustrating for smaller Realms to see all their efforts vanished by those who have greater armies!

    So, I think the problem could be stemmed some way!

    Maybe limiting the armies able to attack one single village and making them less strong when going across other Realms ( a sort of toll to pay, I mean).

    Thank you

  • If you do that, you should allow anyone to cancel their moves while attacking.

    Otherwise the stronger players could be put on borders like watchguards and prevent any weaker realms to retaliate/play.

    It would like besieging the weak and not allow them to play.

    If you want to fight those moving armies, just target the same fortress as they do, providing support or attacking/conquering.

    I assure you that it already is hard enough for small realms to defend themselves, especially with the actual moving pace.