Global launch merchandise is coming!

  • Global Launch package info

    Dear Ascendants, great opportunities await!

    We will be rewarding some of you with these prestigious and rare beauties during the last quarter of 2021. Because of the rarity of this Global Launch Package, we would first like to share some basic rules with you.

    You can only win one of these packages

    If you happen to grab a top spot twice in any of the upcoming events, including winning the round of Alvorsted (S13), you have the option of turning your second package into 6.000 Sapphires, or, you can name another player to receive this package instead.

    It is not possible to get these items separately

    We have prepared these packages to contain all four items: T-shirt, string bag, mouse pad and a lanyard. If you would like to share the spoils with your Dual, you can do it after receiving your package.

    Packages are not for sale

    We know, these are real lookers. Alas, packages are saved for the 15 winners of Alvorsted (S13) and for the rare winners in our various upcoming events.

    Make sure not to miss your chance

    On top of being a member of the winning Realm on Alvorsted (S13), follow us on Facebook and YouTube, join our Discord server and keep an eye on the Forum events. This way you will be notified of all events where you can win the Global Launch package. And sometimes, you need to act fast!

    Good luck on Alvorsted (S13), and in all upcoming events!

    Your Arkheim team

  • On top of rewarding winners of Alvorsted (S13) with this package, here are more ongoing opportunities!

    Your most Epic Arkheim moment

    Found on Facebook - in this event you will be describing your most epic Arkheim moment so far, and 3 participants will win the package. Winners are announced on Thursday's Community livestream, and we have 2 more packages to give out during the livestream!

    Goblin Smash! - Discord

    Found under 💎 EVENTS - in this contest you will pick coordinates from a map, and give your in-game name and server where you play. That's it, and the event runs until Sunday 3rd of October, and includes 3 packages + over 20k Sapphires!