Few of my ideas

  • Sorry about my English. Wrote a few ideas:

    1. The captured outpost can intercept the enemy by placing a tower nearby. I suggest that the outpost always remain under the influence of the Kingdom that captured it first, as long as the tower stands. Or another option: a tower with a higher level has a greatest influence on outposts in the area.

    2. Make the construction of towers similar to the moon gate: establish, donate resources, wait for construction. And so with each level from 1 to 10, as well as increasing the time of construction. This will allow to approach the issue of building the tower more seriously.

    3. To solve the problem with the endless capture of territory, that is, capturing the tower, the enemy is already building a new one. In the «Prevent carousel» talked about this BatyaUmnik.

    4. Remove building "Academy" or to change the bonus on this is the same "market", but for the military outposts.

    5. After the theft of the orbs at the enemy to put them in a fireproof container from which within X hours, the leader should distribute them in the towers it deems necessary. And if he does not do it after the time, the orbs are distributed automatically.

    6. Give a bonus from the orbs. For example: 1000 orbs gives + 100 to all resource production each member of the Alliance. Then there will be interest to own them and protect them.

    7. Make possible the complete destruction of the Kingdom. For example, one of the options:

    1) you can attack the capital, but the defenders in the battle will participate all the reserves (troops that are not in the army commander).

    2) when the battle for the capital after the defeat, it is not destroyed, but destroyed the construction of the players in their cities (this option I like more, as in the game on the player's city nothing can influence that turns everything into a simulator of urban development).

    3) after you reach X level of the Kingdom and built the first MG, capital becomes available for the destruction of other kingdoms, and the destruction will take 24 hours.

    In principle, some ideas of all their variants can be combined.

    8. Add a convenient Alliance chat with the ability to split into text channels.

    9. During the battle give a bonus to the strength depending on the ratio of the number of both armies. For example: the battle of 100k to 10k, that is 10:1, so a larger army is given a bonus of 10%. Or, you can take away the smaller lords army morale: that is, by default, Lord 100 morality, and in the above scenario, minus 10 morality, that is was 90. This stimulated the morale of soldiers who are afraid of a large army of the enemy.

    10. Can lower the morale of the lords, depending on the distance traveled to the object.

    11. Add a negative effect for ignoring Goblin barricades.