S11 Patch Notes - 12.07.2021 & Dev-Livestream (09.07.2021)

  • Dear Ascendants,

    Lots of new content awaits you on the new server S11, starting on July 12th at 11:00 CEST.

    In addition, we will present and discuss the new content and have a LIVE Warlord Clash challenge during our upcoming Dev-Livestream on Arkheim's Youtube Channel. Don't miss out to get valuable insights and win Sapphires for S11!

    The Dev-Livestream will take place on Friday, 9th of June at 5PM CEST. --> Countdown


    Here are the changes that will apply as of S11 only:

    • Players can now collect Achievements over the course of multiple game rounds. More details can be found in the respective Dev-Diary.
    • Daily login quests with additional rewards are now available in the quest book. Read more about in the Dev-Diary.
    • Added two new high-level Warlords: Lifrea (Elf) and Dariik (Dwarf).
    • Added two additional units: Ents (Elven Infantry) & Earth Impalers (Dwarven Cavalry). Find out more about the new Walrords and Units in the recent Dev-Diary.
    • Adjusted the balancing of other warlords, units and the skill tree
    • There will now always be 3 Goblin Barricades available in a Realm
    • The Training Ground will now unlock at Realm level 12
    • Added a minimum fighting strength of 10k to the Training Ground

    Changes that will apply to all servers:

    • Towers in construction can no longer be canceled while under attack or in conquering
    • While in tower placement mode, all reachable supplies will now be highlighted
    • Mobile: Added a new tab “Transfer Sapphires” to the sapphire store, where (mobile) players can see and transfer their Sapphires from the lobby to the currently selected gameworld
    • Improved mobile push notifications to link to the right game world and place in the game
    • Improved the tutorial flow
    • Improved UI scaling for high-resolution devices
    • Improved some sound effects
    • The building name was added to their radial menu in town
    • Quest guidance can now be started by clicking on the quest in the main UI

    Bugfixes (all servers):

    • Overflowing Orbs will now be redistributed correctly when a tower deconstruction is canceled
    • Removed an empty entry in the player selection drop-down list when creating a vote
    • Fixed a problem on mobile where chat tabs were sometimes overlapped by the notch
    • Empty Realms will no longer show in the Realm lobby after the tutorial
    • It is now possible to cancel the clearing of an obstacle
    • Fixed a problem where, in special circumstances, the Training Ground would not spawn for a Realm
    • Removed the empty entry in the tribute window in the village in cases where 0 tributes are gained from a war
    • Warlords will no longer appear twice on the map
    • The Academy, Market, Sawmill, Foundry and Windmill now show the correct bonus in the build menu
    • Fixed a problem where players could get stuck in visiting mode when clicking on coordinates in the chat
    • Improved the explanation text of Eternal Anvils
    • Fixed some layout issues, overlays and highlights
    • System Messages will now longer appear during the tutorial

    The Update will happen on Monday, 12.07.21 at 9:00 AM CEST and the server S11 will start 2 hours later, at 11:00 AM CEST.

    Warlord Clash Challenge:


    The Community Management Team is challenging you as well as our Game Designer DarioR and Game Director Sarge to predict the outcome of this battle. Dario and Sarge are not allowed to test this pairing before the Livestream on Friday when we will show you the live battle report and reveal the result. Which Warlord do you think will win? Join the Livestream and vote for your Warlord and we will raffle 5 x 300 Sapphires for those who predict the outcome correctly!

    See you on Friday in the Livestream!

    Your Arkheim Team

  • Hey Leute, könnt ihr das bitte mal ins Deutsche übersetzen. Oder ins deutsche Forum stellen. Außerdem nützt mir das nichts, wenn Systemnachrichten lang und breit in englischer Sprache mir mitgeteilt werden (rechts unten auf dem Bildschirm zum anklicken).

  • Hey guys, could you please translate that into German. Or put in the German forum. In addition, it is of no use to me if system messages are sent to me in full in English (click on the bottom right of the screen).

    Hi there! The German patch notes are here: S11 Patch Notes - 12.07.2021 & Dev-Livestream (09.07.2021)

    All automated messages should be in your set language, but we may send English news manually at times if translated news aren't available. You can also use the German part of the forum to ask questions, and a German Community Manager will be starting soon. :)