🗳️ Areas That Could Be Improved In Arkheim - Realms at War

  • Where I think Arkheim could be improved 7

    1. More variety in attack maneuvers (off/def) (4) 57%
    2. More depth in the mastery tree (2) 29%
    3. More diversity in unit choices (2) 29%
    4. More strategical and tactical depth so there's always more to master (3) 43%
    5. Less monotone warfare between servers (2) 29%
    6. Casual and Competitive Realms could be separated better (1) 14%
    7. The endgame would be more interesting with more goals / more to anvils (2) 29%
    8. Game could have less limits for hardcore playing style (moon phases, ark energy for wars, truces) (1) 14%
    9. More flexibility in the voting system (0) 0%
    10. blank (0) 0%
    11. blank (0) 0%
    12. blank (0) 0%

    Good players and war heroes!

    No matter if you just joined your very first round of Arkheim - Realms at War, or if you've been fighting the war from the early days, your comments in this thread will be valuable as we move towards the official launch.

    In this thread, we will gather game elements or features where you would like Arkheim to focus on next. Let's look at the future of the game and get a glimpse of it at its best! Which changes and improvements would make the game worth 5 stars?

    This poll will grow based on your comments, and you can give your vote to a maximum of 3 poll options. The poll will run until the end of July 2021, and votes can be changed until then.

    The best way to comment:

    1. Write a title you'd like to add to the poll. For example, the 'Add a race of space lizards'
    2. Describe why this game element or feature should in your opinion be a high priority. This way others can scroll down to read more about your thoughts and why they should give a vote to your wish.
    3. Add each of your priorities as a new comment/reply to this thread.
    4. Join both threads to tell us what is most important to you.

    The companion thread: The Best things about Arkheim - Realms At War will help gather the other side of the coin. Your favorite elements you appreciate in the game, what Arkheim is doing well, and what should be continued in the future. In addition, we will be discussing/debating your favorite or not-so-favorite features in Discord, so feel free to join the chat!

    Thank you already to all who joined these threads and discussions, your opinion really matters. It's time to learn just how much you think alike!

  • 1. Strategical and tactical depth + choices will definitely make Arkheim harder to master and the servers and general warfare less monotone.

    2. Having more choices in the following areas will make every single war more entertaining for (hopefully) both sides, give players who have played servers before more choices and tools to work with, both offensive and defensive:

    Different kinds of attack manouvers, e.g. slower movement for more fighting strength (and vice versa) or even a *hidden* attack (enable local fog of war for X million ressources?)

    More depth in the mastery tree.

    More diversity in the unit choice, introducing new, top tier troops will eventual power creep out the weaker troops, which - so far - are still used to counter top tier warlords / units efficiently.

    Potentially upgrade existing units and allow each player to tinker more than "only" mastery + warlord compositions.

  • A suggestion for city management improvement would be the ability to rotate buildings! It would help use space more effectively. :)

    Edit: Also, some flexibility in the buttons on the vote option!

    Like adding options, instead of just yes/abstain/no, perhaps give us the option to say 'Option 1, option 2, option 3' so we don't just have to ask yes/no questions when we put things to a vote with our Realms! :)