my assessment and sugestions

  • and now I can make some assessments.

    this game is to run for 10 weeks I think you might need longer than that .

    I for one would not want to take the amount of time needed to play this game only to restart every 10 weeks.

    Portals? might be more interesting with Elven ships as in the death gate series.

    you will need more building slots as you progress instead of making them all about buying them perhaps you can offer lesser but limited slots

    situation now is 400 for a third then 500 for a fourth

    try 100 for a third but only allow it to be used for citadel upgrades a dedicated slot and only available at level 15 or above. and maybe one at 20 for military buildings upgrades

    at the moment my town goes from no food then no population

    and on and on mainly caused by lack of building slots and then when I buy that third building slot we are into resource starvation solve that and I am sure there will be more solve that resource and I will be short of population or food that might be just me .

    weird things do happen occasionally but if I have a major criticism of the map it is this very nice but just what is going down is not always obvious.

    town graphics are nice but again something of a waste if everything is 10 weeks then restart

    I cannot say that I fully understand this game but then I do not get Travian either, perhaps it is the short game bit that I struggle with if I put in the effort I want more than a brief game

  • Morbius#II - Thanks for the ideas and feedback.

    Since no player commented here yet, let's try Discord. We have a suggestions thread there where people vote on their favorite ideas and another channel to discuss the pros and cons or improve those ideas.

    I'll go ahead and post one of your ideas there, the one about longer game rounds than 10 weeks.

    P.S. do you have an image of these Elven ships?