S10 Patch Notes - 08.06.2021 & Dev-Livestream

  • Dear Ascendants,

    With S10 starting on June 10th, we want to inform you about the changes that are awaiting you on the new server.

    The update will happen on June 8th at 2PM CEST and most changes will already apply to all servers.

    In addition, there will be a Dev-Livestream on Arkheim's Youtube Channel where we will showcase and explain some of the most important changes, like the new Dungeon and the new Influence ruleset, and answer your questions.

    The Dev-Livestream will take place on Tuesday, 8th of June at 5PM CEST. --> Countdown


    Here are the changes that will apply as of S10 only:

    • Updated the dungeon to its brand new, explorable form. Read all about it in the Dev-Diary: Dungeon 2.0

    • Realms will now spawn at an equal distance to the center

    Changes that will apply to all servers:

    • Reworked influence mechanics, read about the full new ruleset in the latest Dev-Diary: New Influence Rules
    • It is now possible to visit the towns of other Realm members as an observer.
    • On the mission sidebar, the bubble for incoming attacks will now be orange if there are only attacks on targets outside of your Realm and turn red if there are incoming attacks on targets owned by your Realm.
    • The war overview will now always show the war potential at the time of the war declaration since this is the relevant value for the war chest.
    • Improved the upgrade window for town buildings, including a new tooltip with more details about all bonuses.
    • Improved the supply windows and added a tooltip with more details about all bonuses.
    • The background of undiscovered map areas was adjusted.
    • Improved layout, sorting, and texts in some areas.

    Bugfixes (all servers)

    • Adjusted the collider size of towers and portals so movements close by are better clickable.
    • Fixed a bug in the tribute calculation.
    • Timers will now show correctly after upgrading buildings and training units
    • The correct message is now shown when trying to declare war on a Realm with a pending NAP request.
    • Fixed a bug where morale loss via direct damage was not always visible.
    • Towers within the influence of an Ark will no longer stay contested after conquering them.
    • The Eternal Anvil sidebar is now visible on mobile phones.
    • Eternal Energy production display of Eternal Anvils will now update correctly.
    • Improved placement of notifications on small resolution screens.
    • Removed the empty entry in the Realm resources if an enemy will pay 0% tributes.
    • Limited the amount of Revenge War notifications.
    • Added the “Game World” button to reach server select for tablets and iPads using the non-mobile interface.
    • Fixed some cases in which supplies would not be retaken by Goblins if they stay within a gates influence.
    • Warlords will now be sorted correctly when switching targets after using “sort by arrival time”.
    • Fixed some layout issues and unintended line breaks in our translations.

    We hope you like the changes and as usual, we are looking forward to reading your feedback.

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    Your Arkheim Team