⚒️ Dwarven Picross Puzzle #1

  • Hello, and welcome to join a Picross Puzzle challenge. We hope you are feeling smart! 🧠

    In this challenge, your task is to figure out what image is hidden within the grid.

    Tip: The image is related to Arkheim - Realms at War.

    If this is your first Picross puzzle, no worries!

    We have prepared a simple step-by-step guide you will find below.

    How do I participate?

    • Save the Picross puzzle image to your Desktop and open it in Paint or any other tool that has a Paint Bucket tool.
    • You can also download the print version, print it, and use a pen to fill the grid.
    • Afterward, post a photo of your solution by replying to this contest thread.
    • The contest ends on Thursday, 17th of June 2021, at 23:59 CEST. Winners will be announced on Friday the 18th of June.
    • Your answers will not be published before Friday the 18th. Until then, all answers will stay hidden from the community.

    What can I win?

    • The total prize budget is a whopping 3,000 Sapphires!
    • We will randomly pick 10 winners from amongst those who gave a correct answer, and each winner gets 300 Sapphires.
    • If we receive less than 10 correct answers, the prize budget is split between all correct answers. E.g. With 5 correct answers, each winner gets 600 Sapphires.

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    Good luck and have fun!

    Your Arkheim team