Tower priority on supply. (Two towers from two empires for one supply. Who have the priority?)

  • Hi, Is someone could explain it to me ?

    In S9 I built a tower in 191, -143 before EPHESUS empire (in 186, -155). Yet in the end it was they who benefited from the supply in 187, -149.

    I do not understand why. Anyone have the explanation?

    In summary

    Sever : S9

    My name in the game : Donbronsky

    My empire : Freres d'armes

    My tower : 191, -143

    The player that made a tower near me : ReCRoc

    His Empire : EPHESUS

    His tower : 186, -155

    The "contested" supply : 187, -149

    Best regard

  • New episode...

    A player from my empire put a tower near the supply and our opponents answered quickly after seeing the lines moving.

    This situation looks stupid since we don't know how it's work and Travian Game seam to don't want to explain the rule of their game despite the asking made in an other topic.

    It's weird. As chessplayer (with just a modest Elo) I feel inconfortable to make strategic decisions with random rules.