S7 and S8 Patch Notes for the 29.03.2021

  • Dear Ascendants,

    here the Patch Notes for Server S8, starting on the 29.03.2021 at 11:00 AM CEST!


    Update on S8 only:

    • Rebalanced the possible bonuses a Goblin Fort can give and reduced them to three:
      • Resource Supply bonus of 20%
      • XP & Soul Energy bonus 20%
      • The production speed of all troop queues +50%
    • Increased the strength of Goblins on Goblin Forts
    • A war will now only be automatically lost if a Realms falls under the required threshold of Orbs AND Towers
    • Rebalanced the Goblin Camp in town:
      • Maximum spawning time reduced to 8h
      • Increased resource production over time
      • Increased fighting strength
      • As of now, there will alway be only 1 Warlord in the camp

    All Servers:

    • Rebalanced items and added new ones, as described in the latest Dev-Diary
    • A Realm merge vote can now already be triggered after 48h instead of 96h
    • Leaders of both Realms will now keep their role in case of a Realm merge
    • Added a notification bubble to the tower sidebar if a pin is added to one of the owned towers
    • Improved language channel subscription in the settings
    • Improved quest rewards for the “Free x supplies” questline
    • Added an "ignore player" function to the chat
    • Added a “report chat” function
    • Added action buttons to map pins, where possible
    • Added two new bundles in the ingame-shop: Arkheim’s Art of Alchemy and Arkheim’s Building Boost
    • Tutorial Improvements:
      • Global chat will unlock earlier
      • Improved guidance for “all resources to level 4” main quest
      • Preventing players from getting stuck by spending too many resources
      • Display when a timer is halted on purpose

    We hope you like the changes and hope to see you soon in the upcoming game rounds.

    Your Arkheim Team

  • base stats of dwarfs are just straight up higher, offer better units and seem to have reduced costs for some equivalents. Just my view, but picking elves seems to be picking a disadvantage, im sure you have the numbers to judge properly

  • Hi there! This is a familiar topic that shows up every now and then. Do you have examples of balancing issues between the races where you'd like devs to focus on?

    Hello samisu,

    In my opinion the most imbalancing feature between elfs and dwarfs is the improved number of units from dwarves skilltree. Why do they need only 15 point per skill (up to 45) and elfs need 20 (Up to 60)?

    This makes, in addition with higher base strength, that in direct fight elf vs dwarf with the same level the dwarf will always have more strenght than the elf in the early - mid game, until higer levels (+100) when the matchup get balanced.

    I created a post in the spanish area with a full explication and screenshots (¿Desbalance entre elfos y enanos?) . Im sorry, but after 3 hours playing with the excel i have not energies to create the complete post in english (My mind is over haha)

    Best regards,