Dev-Diary: Item Rebalancing and New Items

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  • Before u rebalance and introduce (new) Items...

    There are other building site that need to be worked on: Distribution of Items.
    Some players are getting many xp boots, some players are getting many inf armor and so forth... And also some players cant get certain items they really need for general.

    Thats quite a huge problem i guess...

    Solution: XP stuffs only as questreward (quality depends on luck) and introduce a new feature which we can either trade it with other player (for currency) or random-craft 2-3 items to get a new item, quality depends on the mats...

  • Hey there,

    the providing of items is random. But you are right, we should give the option to have a bit of control over the items you get. Here we have different ideas about how to tackle that.

    • Introduce the decision what you go for into the Dungeon (or make it possible to exchange the item after you got it)
    • Have some kind of crafting systems for items

    If anyone has some ideas, please let us know. :)

  • So maybe a simple crafting system.

    Building needed Soul forge.

    Exemplary Recipe nr1:


    Any 1st tier boots

    1000 soul energy


    1st tier boots of your choice or random

    Exemplary recipe nr2:


    2 1st tier items (any items)

    500 soul energy


    1st tier item of your choice (any item) or random

    Chance for success: 5% for every level of Soul Forge building.

    In case of failure ingredients are lost.

    Higher tier recipes unlocked on soul forge levels 13 and 19.

    Some new items also could be introduced here which could be part of recipes and found when fighting goblins which would also encourge people to send their troops to conquers supply points instead of just keep them in ark.