💬 How steep is the learning curve?

  • Hi there! Had any trouble finding where everything is during the first days of your game?

    It's surprisingly important how well the start goes - if you get pulled into the world the game team created for you. The game mechanics and guides are created to help through the first steps. Afterward, much of it depends on what sort of team you manage to gather around you.

    How steep would you say the learning curve is?

    Age 35
    'At first, it is a little confusing, a lot of information to absorb at once. The tutorial only gives us a small part of the information on how to play. Are you committed to learning, or familiar with this kind of game? How much do you need the help of others? Falling into this game alone and not having someone to help can make you abandon the game. Then there is the factor that playing alone without a good Realm is extremely demotivating.'
    Over Joker#II
    Age 27
    New York
    'I'm not sure how simply I can answer it, to be honest. I kind of treat the game like a market simulation, it's all about weighing cost and benefit, risk and loss. New players can get into it and follow along pretty easily but it's another story when you're talking about working out strategies and really breaking down the math to understand the game. It's a progressive learning curve, the games really easy to get into and you can find people out there to help you learn and get in with an active crew, but if you want to stay and really get into it with every new update and balance change there's a whole new world of potential strategies to work out and test, but that's not needed for playing and enjoying the game for the most part.'
    'I used to think that it was fairly easy to pick up the game, and that the learning curve was relatively small. However, teaching new players over the past two rounds has led me to realize it's steep enough that players need a lot of help to figure things out. Players will often drop out of the game if they aren't connected to Discord and/or don't find a good realm where they can learn to play. This makes it incredibly important for experienced players to reach out and help newbies if we want the game to grow.'
  • There are 3 distinct "aspects" to the game:

    1. Your own town (how to invest your resources best/build-order)

    2. The map (donations/towers/portals)

    3. Mastery Points & TG

    4. Attacking and defending (which WLs and troops/which targets/how to counter)

    1. Considering that Ben figured out in his very first round the best way to start, without any prior knowledge of the game or its mechanics, I'd say the learning curve is not overly steep. At least when it comes to town-development.

    2. How important donations are, everyone with a basic lvl of math can figure that out in less than 5 minutes. But building towers requires time, effort, and thought. But the concept behind it is not hard either. You just need to be willing to invest the time and effort required. But the learning curve is a bit steeper than your town-development, especially since the portal-change where you need to connect the towers and have enough foresight when building. But since only 1-2 persons in the realm have to do this, most newbies don't get to experience this anyway.

    3. Mhh... since you can just look how the top players/realms are doing it, you can "learn" rather quickly. As always, if you are willing to invest a little bit of time and effort, this becomes pretty clear pretty fast. But in the beginning, it might look daunting. So there is a steep learning curve here. So when I see top20 realms doing one bad TG-run after the next, you know that those players do not care and don't play the game "seriously".

    4. Attacking and defending efficiently is probably the most demanding task. Though, compared to Travian even this aspect is severely lacking. The number of options you have when being attacked here pales in comparison with what you could do in Travian. Still, I see so many people here, even players who play their 4th or 5th round who have no idea how to skill their MP or which WLs to use... so I guess there is a learning curve involved here. Sadly mastering it doesn't nearly give you the advantage it gives you in Travian.


  • Beginner guide:

    Basicly what the game is about is making resource fields. Citadel and resource fields. And after that maybe some more resource fields. Remember to make troops to unlock more resource fields so you can have more resources to make more resource fields. Some times you need to make houses also and few storage units to be able to make more resource fields.

  • There is some learning curve in that game quite steep if you want to know all it's little details.

    But for newbies to not become noobs it actually enough to read (and understand) articles from learn to play section.

    1 hour of reading is enough for a start to be decent at training grounds, fight goblins properly, understand how units, warlords works. Placing towers is a little bit trickier and article in learn to play section will actually not be enough for that. Playing the game without reading and asking or give some thoughts to it will generally just produce noobs who ruins the game for players who wants to play this game properly.