Daily to do list

  • Every player in the game, has a few things he should do on a daily basis. While older players are most likely already aware of these tasks, for newer players it may be a struggle to find out what you need to do.

    In this tutorial, I won't go into detail on how it all works exactly. But even if you don't know why you should do all the tasks below, do them anyway! And don't be afraid to ask other players for help.

    (If I have missed something, feel free to put it in the comments below and I will add it)

    Pirimary tasks:

    - Build you towers

    - Watch 20 adds to boost supply depots (start off with the highest level depots)

    - Use your training points to train

    - Fight the goblin barricade battles

    - Use your dungeon points (amulet charges)

    Secondary tasks:

    - Join/create supply depot raids

    - Join/create goblin tower raids

    - Join/create pvp missions (if the leaders give permission)

    - Dismantle towers (when necessary)

    Tertiary tasks:

    - Level up your resource buildings*

    - Level up your citadel*

    - Make more units

    - Upgrade your player masteries (level up)

    - Upgrade other buildings*

    - Gift resources to supply depots/towers/portals (make sure they are not towers that will be dismantled later on)


    - Communicate with your realm

    *Getting more building slots is most likely the best investment you can do in this game, if you have some sapphires, use them for that first