Training Grounds Guide

  • This post is intended to give new and inexperienced players enough information to efficiently run Training Grounds missions. I hope this makes sense for you all! If you have any questions, I'm not usually on the forum to answer them but you can reach me on Discord at Sylania#1506. Or you can post below, and some other experienced player may be around to answer you.

    Training Grounds matchups are based on losing as many troops as possible. The more troops you lose, the more XP your opponent gains. And the higher-tier your troops are, the more XP they give per kill. To that end, you are looking for two things in a good TG warlord: high morale and high-tier, expensive troops. You also want to make your fight as even as possible, since equal fights mean both sides lose the maximum amount of troops.


    The best warlords to use by race are:

    Elves: Acidious -> Sinuo -> Arilla -> Cerulean -> Robinian -> Bilice

    Dwarves: Rogrim -> Grimbart -> Bombur -> Trankard -> Pellgrin -> Ragtharn

    Start off with the lowest warlords on this list and work your way through it as you unlock higher ones.

    Some notes:

    • If you are f2p (free to play), do not waste sapphires on any premium warlords in this list except Bilice/Ragtharn. Arilla, Bombur etc. are not worth your precious sapphires, which will be needed to unlock late-game warlords. Just skip the premium warlords in this list and stick to free ones.
    • That being said, f2p players should expect to spend sapphires on Bilice/Ragtharn. They are invaluable for maximizing your XP in the mid-to-late-game, and are well worth your sapphires.
    • Use the same warlord as your opponent. It is more important that you match with other players than that you use the best one available. Using different warlords in the same fight severely hurts the XP for both sides because it makes the matchup uneven.
    • Elves go with Elves and Dwarves go with Dwarves. Do not cross races, it makes the matchup uneven because you cannot use the same warlords.

    Note: Some players like to use Algus after Bilice or Moramiir after Ragtharn. I personally don’t think they provide enough of an XP difference to be worth the switch since they are also premium (especially since there is an XP cap). Unlocking them instead of B/R makes f2pers lose out on too much XP while they wait to level up. Once you specialize them for TG they aren’t useful for PvP, so you lose out on your one premium late-game PvP warlord as an f2per (that’s all you will have enough sapphires for). So while you may see some realms using them, I haven’t included them here.

    Improving XP

    There are several things you can do to improve your warlords for TG. These are as follows:

    • Upgrade morale on Bilice/Ragtharn. The more morale a warlord has, the more troops they can lose before being defeated...and the more XP they can give. Two runes in morale and one in slot capacity is usually sufficient to hit the XP cap.
      • It isn’t worth it to spend runes on any other TG warlords, since you won’t use them for very long.
      • Don’t put use all three morale runes. It isn’t necessary, and if you have to use that warlord for PvP in a pinch and they lose all their troops, they have to walk all the way back to the Ark no matter where they were originally.
      • Because you’ve increased their morale, do not use B/R for PvP. The morale upgrades mean they can lose more troops, which is not good when you’re in a real battle. These are also just generally not great warlords once you reach the late game.

    • Only use XP items. Items with bonuses such as poison, critical damage, resurrect, etc. make the match uneven and hurt the XP gained by one side. XP bonus items are the only ones you should continually use. If your warlord is significantly weaker than the others in a TG run, you can add an FS boost item.
    • Always make your warlord as strong as possible. Use the highest-tier units you have access to, and when you only have a few then save them all for TG.
      • When island 2 and its moonphase opens, you can rush your Armory to level 15. The quest rewards for this will give you enough artillery to fill B/R, which makes it a quick way to earn as much XP as possible. Make sure other players in your realm are doing this, so that you can match with them.
      • An overpowered warlord doesn’t work well if its opponents are too weak. Make sure to keep your unit type the same as your opponents, and your FS should be similar.
    • Save your TG points when you get close to the next moonphase. The XP cap increases with every moonphase, so it is wise to keep your points until they’re worth more XP.
      • You can save points by starting a TG mission with a warlord that only has one troop in it. If your realm is paying attention, they’ll know not to join that mission and it will stay put until you either ascend or cancel the mission.
    • Pay attention to the missions you join! Double check to make sure you’re joining a mission with the same warlord and similar fighting strength. Also, be sure to remove any non-XP items before you join a mission.

    That looks like quite a list, but it’s pretty simple once you get used to it. If you only take away one thing from this: follow the warlord order and use high-tier troops. Everything else is important, but this is the basis of the entire system.

    Hope this is helpful for you all! Feel to contact me with questions or critiques :)

  • Why don't you take Arksnout as a dwarf? Only Infrantrie Slots starts with 70 morals and is also quite useful in the end game. Had good XP in the last server / realm. Regarding the f2p variant, I could understand that.

  • Why don't you take Arksnout as a dwarf? Only Infrantrie Slots starts with 70 morals and is also quite useful in the end game. Had good XP in the last server / realm. Regarding the f2p variant, I could understand that.

    It can work with Bastions (7EXP ea) and even with cratermakers (3EXP) earlier, if you have alot slot capacity & high lvl academy + EXP items. Easier to hit EXP cap with Raghtarn or Moramiir.

    3600 slots x 3 EXP = 10 800 EXP (morale 100)

    3600 slots x 7 EXP = 25 200 EXP (morale 100)