Melancholy of a King - An Arkheim Story.

  • A small side story that I hope someone will enjoy reading, I wrote it quite fast and was too lazy to check it with care so I apologize for any mistakes I may or may not have made. :D

    As always comments of any kind are appreciated.

    Melancholy of a King-converted.pdf

    (it is quite long so I didn't want to have an insanely long post so as before I attached it as a pdf, hope it's not a problem for anyone)

  • Thank you so much for writing this! I am absolutely here for The Queen's badass attitude towards The King. He entirely went from Hero to Zero in no time at all, though I admire him for being proud of the journey he made, foolish though he might have been. The ending gave me chills! I wonder if the Three Moons will provide the King with another chance...

    Will we hear more about the Queen?