S7 Patch Notes

  • here are the patch notes for S7
    starting on the 15th of February 2021

    The following changes apply only to new servers, starting with S7:

    New Content:

    • Added Czech and Spanish language support
    • Added Goblin Realms – read our Blog for a detailed description
    • After Ascension or relocation of the Realm, there is an 8 hours period where tower constructions take only 2 hours (this does not apply when moving an Ark to a Goblin Fort position)

    Additional changes for all servers:

    • The production time of high-level troop supplies will be increased by up to 20%. See detailed table here.
    • The cost for declaring Wars against smaller Realms will increase and the formula to determine the cost will be changed to an exponential increase.
    • Players can now descend only one island from their so far reached maximum island
    • Added a tooltip in the declare War window showing which other Realms are already at War with your Realm
    • Shortened tutorial texts
    • Improved the window layout, especially for mobile users
    • Improved mobile usability, e.g. smoother tower placement, scrolling on the map, orb tooltip toggle, and more
    • Realm Merge: Realms dropping under 7 members will now automatically trigger a vote to go into a ‘Looking for Merge’ status. If the vote is successful, the Realm will merge with another Realm in ‘Looking for Merge’.

    Bug Fixes (all servers):

    • Fixed several button and tab states, e.g. cancel NAP button now disappears after canceling a NAP, tabs are now greyed out if they are empty, and more
    • Location buttons in the active truces overview now work properly
    • Tutorial: Join a Realm Quest now completes without refresh, other smaller improvements
    • Removed Ark Energy cost for declaring the first war while already being in a war declared by others
    • Switching back to regular map mode from strategy mode now correctly resets all filters
    • Fixed the chat navigation when opening a new private chat
    • Prevent players who switched Realms from joining attacks of the old Realm on the new (own) Realm
    • Added reports for change in diplomatic status by Ascension
    • Fixed several problems with the top bar in the main UI being empty or showing wrong data
    • Statistics now open again to the player's position instead to the first page
    • Opening the ‘Tell a Friend’ window multiple times will no longer cause crashes
    • Removed displayed travel time when teleporting a warlord to a portal with send on watch
    • When switching Realms, old war notifications and tower entries in the sidebar will be removed
    • The Realm of new players reaching the map is now visible without reloading the game
    • Improved layout and wording in several places

    Additional changes that will be patched after S7 launched:

    • If a Realm in Truce or NAP status attacks a Tower or Portal in construction, the attacked Realm gets the option to start a "Revenge War" on the attacking Realm. This change will not apply to S6. S7 only.
      • The option shows up the moment the attacking army arrives at the Tower or Portal, and the attack is NOT canceled
      • Once the option to declare revenge is available, it will stay available for 24h hours
      • The NAP will remain active until the revenge war is declared
      • If the option is chosen, a regular War gets initiated and all Tributes are canceled
      • The regular war countdown starts and the war turns active after the countdown is finished
    • Ingame-report function for verbal abuse in chat.
    • Warlords on Watch can now be used for attacks as well.

    Your Arkheim - Realms at War Team

  • Dear Ascendants,

    after the announcement of the S7 Patch Notes we've seen a lot of discussions regarding the new attack with the Warlords on Watch feature.

    First of all, we want to thank you for your valuable feedback we received on Discord. We followed the discussions and would like to give you a short follow-up statement:

    The attack feature for Warlords on Watch is still in development. Because we normally want to avoid patching running Gameworlds with Features that change the ruleset, we announced that we want to bring this online during s7.

    After receiving your initial reactions to it, we believe it will be better to not include this feature on s7 at all.

    This will give us more time in the upcoming weeks, so we can organize a dedicated Dev-Talk with you on Discord to present the feature, explain what exactly we have planned, and also give you the possibility to discuss it properly.

    We will keep you posted once we have a date for the Dev-Talk and hope to see you soon on S7.

    Have a great weekend.

    Your Arkheim - Realms at War Team