Strategy of the Single Resource (RS)

  • (and example of what a SR wood elf town looks like)

    Before starting to get into details I want to point out a few things: first, this strategy has been viable for a long time now but since Arkheim is constantly changing you should keep in mind it might not work one day, so always keep an eye on patch notes; second, this strategy requires to invest real-world money in the game to use it, so make sure you are okay with doing that, do NOT try to follow it with half-measures or thinking you can do it without investing anything, it will be a disaster; third, this strategy should not be tried by inexperienced played, it requires a very a good understanding of the game and high activity; all this said I hope all of you can enjoy this small guide and learn something new.

    If you have played Arkheim for some time you might ask yourself if there are any "secret" strategies high-level players use to maximize their res production in their town, well there is one and it's called "Single Res" (SR) (it's really not a secret but it's not well-known to the general public either).

    As the name suggests it consists of focusing all your production into one single resource, for those of you that came from Travian you can picture a village with all camps of the same type.

    So, how does it work?

    The first thing you need to decide is what resource you want to maximize, it usually depends on race, dwarves go for iron and elves for wood; this is because dwarves have an extra bonus for iron production in their masteries (an extra 5% in total) compared to the other resources, and elves have the same with wood. Some elves still go for iron instead of wood because iron is much more useful in donations.

    You might ask yourself, what about crop? Well, crop is a terrible idea, because the mills are often unlocked at higher levels of the citadel and are in some cases locked behind moon phases.

    So how does your village work once you have only one resource being produced? Well, you use alchemist scrolls to transform it into the other 2 resources. Usually you wait until your storage is full of wood/iron and then you change it all to the other two, it's also important to not blindly divide it equally between the other 2 resources but to balance it depending on what you need to do with those resources. It's important to plan ahead to avoid wasting alchemist scrolls.

    Then, what do you do when you are starting in a new server?

    Well, you should have already decided the res to focus on ofc, at the beginning it would be too expensive on scrolls to go all in already and there is some valuable exp to be gained from quests, so you will still upgrade the other 2 base camps to level 7 and then leave them there. Every new camp you unlock will go to the res you choose, after a few days you can then demolish the 2 base camps not of your chosen res and convert them to it. Regarding the building that boosts res production you will of course focus on the ones of your single res, but you can and should build and then demolish the other two (up to level 3 or 5) to do the relative quests for some small rewards.
    In the beginning you will likely have to use a lot of alchemist scrolls, but don't get too scared about it, you will use less and less later on, if you want to save some scrolls then focus on upgrading your storage, buying you more time between alchemists.


    1) You will save 8 points in your mastery tree, since you will be able to skip putting points in bonus production of the other 2 resources, you will still need to put 1 point in each of them to progress in the relative mastery tree branch, this alone is a big advantage since it basically gives you an 8 levels advantage on players not using this (even if you might waste some of these points in storage bonus you might not need with the normal strategy);

    2) You won't need to build and upgrade the buildings that boost res production, this removes 8 buildings in total from your town, freeing space for more houses and storage but especially saving a LOT of time and resources.


    1) This strategy requires a lot of attention of activity, you will need to expand your storage a lot and keep an eye on when it will be full since you don't want to waste any resource; it is highly suggested to have a dual for your account since you storage will fill every 6h or even less;
    2)Let's talk about the price of this strategy, as a rough estimate you will need about 10 alchemy scrolls a week, for a total of 100 scrolls. A pack of 10 scrolls + 200 sapphires is 2.49 euros, which totals to around 24.5 euros for a server. This can vary depending on a lot of factors, including random gains of alchemy scrolls from dungeon tomes that can help you out. But expect the cost to be around that amount. Do not use sapphires for alchemy, buy the Alchemist scrolls package from the shop, it's much more convenient. Right now that bundle is not always available, it rotates on and off every few days.

    I want one thing to be clear, this strategy is not necessary to compete, it just gives you a small boost.

    Many players will also pair this strategy with heavy use of scrolls and sapphires, and as u can imagine it is a very powerful combo.

    But this strategy alone (with or without heavy sapphire use) won't achieve anything, succeeding in Arkheim requires coordination, effort and team play, there are no shortcuts for that and no amount of sapphires that can cover for it.

    For a little history, this strategy was first implemented by the realm Murx during the first Early Access Server and was publicly shared in this forum at the end of that round by a player of that realm. You can read the original post here: Why the top4 Murxies are the top4 Murxies

    I just wanted to make this small guide to highlight this strategy once again and introduce it to players that never read the original post.